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A ‘bullet proof’ partnership

  • From the December 2018 issue.
A ‘bullet proof’ partnership

When Centurion won the Viva Energy Australia fuel haulage contract for the Gold Fields region, the company chose to partner with Tieman and its `Bush Bullet` off road fuel tanker design.

Centurion is the largest privately owned transport and logistics provider in Western Australia, with distribution centres in many regional centres across the state. The business operates nationally, providing supply chain solutions to the mining, energy, retail and construction sectors, and has been successfully involved in the bulk fuels haulage market for a significant period of time. As is the case for many transport operators in Western Australia, long distances and harsh conditions prove to be constant logistical challenges.

Viva Energy Australia has major fuel and bulk lubricant supply contracts to many mining companies around Australia. With the WA mining sector increasing in activity, reliable fuel supply to remote mine sites underpins everything for major mining companies. Viva Energy has embraced working with Centurion and Tieman to introduce the new ‘Bush Bullet’ tanker design to deliver Viva Energy fuel and lubricant to mining customers in the Gold Fields region.

Multiple ‘Bush Bullet’ combinations have been supplied by Tieman for Centurion’s new multi-year Viva Energy contract. Included are double, triple and 2AB-double road train combinations. The tanker design incorporates many proprietary Tieman extrusions and features as well as a variety of specially selected components to suit the task at hand. Centurion selected Boomerang Engineering tri-axle `off road` dollies and BPW heavy-duty air bag suspensions and drum brake axles across each of the units.

To assure all operational and maintenance considerations were incorporated into the ‘Bush Bullet’ tanker design, Tieman facilitated a series of factory visits with Centurion and Viva Energy during the build phase of the project. With the contracts critical starting date of 1 November, Tieman succeeded in delivering all the combinations to Kalgoorlie on time.

Rod Hunt, Centurion Divisional Manager, Bulk Operations, explains the process of this partnership with Tieman and Viva Energy.

“As with any large scale contract award we need to ensure we have the right equipment to deliver safe and reliable supply chain solutions to our customers,” he says. “These new `Bush Bullet` combinations will be delivering fuel and lubricants to some of the most remote mine sites and locations in Australia across some of the harshest terrain so it’s vital that they are both heavy duty and durable for the conditions in which we will operate.

“As part of the tender we conducted in-depth analysis to identify the performance of a number of applications and configurations. It was important for us to work with a supplier who could deliver in terms of our specifications as well as provide an interchangeable fleet solution that gives us flexibility across our bulk fuel operations.”

“The ‘Bush Bullet’ tanker design offers durability with industry-best payload,” Colin Tieman, Director of Tieman Tankers, says. “Our use of special heavy-duty extrusions and material thickness on the barrels combined with the careful selection of components across the trucks, tankers and dollies to allow oscillation through the corrugated undulating roads. This will give Centurion’s Viva Energy bulk fuel haulage task a ‘bullet proof’ performance in long term reliability.”

Rod says Centurion has had a close and constructive relationship with the Tieman team throughout the entire process. “The collaborative approach helps keep the project on-time and to-plan while ensuring that we meet our customers’ expectations.”

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