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A dynamic duo

  • From the March 2018 issue.
A dynamic duo

Refrigeration specialist, Carrier, demonstrates why B-double operators should look at using a matching pair of Vector 1550 units that can offer light weight, compact size, powerful performance, low fuel consumption and tight temperature control.

When fleet operators think about the ideal refrigeration configuration for a B-double, they likely dream about the perfect combination of light weight, compact size, powerful performance, low fuel consumption and tight temperature control. While the operators dream, refrigeration specialist, Carrier, has taken on the challenge to make it a reality.

According to Carrier, it has found the answer with its slimline Vector 1550 unit. Weighing in at an industry-leading 712kg, the slim, lightweight and compact size requirements get a tick right off the bat. The size and weight of the unit is predominantly possible due to its E-Drive power source, Carrier’s patented all-electric technology removes a number of serviceable parts compared with a standard diesel engine-powered refrigeration unit. “As well as making the unit lightweight, fewer parts means lower maintenance requirements, increases uptime, and can reduce refrigerant leak rates by as much as 55 per cent versus conventional systems using standard technology, significantly cutting carbon dioxide emissions,” Carrier adds.

The relationship between engine speed and compressor speed in Carrier’s E-Drive is not directly proportional compared to legacy belt-drive systems. So when switching from high engine speed to low engine speed – where the unit spends most of its time – the Vector 1550 maintains a higher capacity than comparable units.
As such, using the electric technology with a smaller diesel engine by no means puts the ‘powerful performance’ requirement
out of reach.

Much like the auto industry’s notable move away from oversized V8 engines to modern, smaller engines with turbo- or super-chargers, the Vector 1550 uses a 1.5-litre diesel engine powering an ultra-high efficiency refrigeration system.

“The Vector 1550’s cooling capacity of 14,995 Watts is achieved using a patented combination of a hermetic scroll compressor with an economiser, which enables the use of a highly efficient 1.5 litre diesel engine,” Carrier says. “The economiser supplies up to a 40 per cent increase in refrigeration capacity during pull-down, before automatically reducing during the temperature regulation phase to save fuel.”

With the low fuel consumption requirement taken care of, the only check box left to be ticked by the Vector 1550 is temperature control – which it delivers within plus or minus 0.8°C.
To confirm that the Vector unit has the data to back up its claims, along with compulsory European testing, the systems have been put to the test at Australia’s only independent transport refrigeration testing centre, SuperTest.

Mark Mitchell, who runs SuperTest, has done just that, presenting locally sourced data that confirms Carrier’s ticked boxes are legitimate. “We have done a number of tests running Carrier’s Vector 1550 up against units with a much higher nominal capacity and it performs incredibly well in all conditions,” Mark says. “With testing performed on a variety of typical Australian conditions up to 26-pallet (16m), the Vector 1550 exceeds the requirements for both chilled and frozen applications as set out in the Australian Standard and uses on average 11 per cent less fuel when doing so.” After ticking the main requirements, Carrier says it has added a number of additional perks on top, including quiet running and ease of use.

The Vector 1550 unit is reportedly one of the quietest trailer refrigeration units on the market, which Carrier says makes it ideal for close-coupled applications and ensures driver comfort for long- distance transport.

The Vector 1550 unit is easy to use thanks to its Advance microprocessor, a user-friendly controller with customisable functions to suit various distribution models and cargoes.

The Vector 1550 unit can also work with third-party telematics without any additional hardware, Carrier says, to provide fleet managers with real-time temperature monitoring and enables remote diagnostics.

With all features bundled together into the compact Vector 1550 package, Carrier has developed a transport refrigeration combination that complements B-double operations Australia-wide.

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