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A fresh approach

  • From the February 2018 issue.
A fresh approach

With a thriving agricultural operation in Melbourne’s west, Randello’s invested in its first rigid refrigerated truck body – a Peki Classic – from original equipment manufacturer, MaxiTRANS, to boost productivity.

Matt Randello is the Operations Manager at Randello’s, a small, family-owned and operated business that manages farms in Melbourne’s western suburbs and distributes fresh produce to local retailers.

Randello’s freight task involves three-to-four return trips a day from the farms in Werribee South to supermarkets in Melbourne’s east and surrounding suburbs.

“As a small family business, it is crucial that we work as efficiently as possible while delivering quality product – especially when hauling trailer loads of perishables such as cauliflower, lettuce and cabbage,” Matt says – emphasising that temperature loss has been a challenge for his fleet.
With a professional relationship that spans almost two decades, Randello’s reached out to MaxiTRANS Sales Manager, Heath Menhennet, to investigate a new road transport equipment option.

“I have worked with Randello’s for 17 years – since the beginning of my career at MaxiTRANS,” Heath says. “Understanding the family business’ needs for a truck body with optimal thermal performance justified the requirement for a Peki Classic, the brand’s premium and fully customisable model. Randello’s specified a 14-pallet rigid design with large internal aperture, a heavy-duty forklift rated floor, rear roller door and three rows of Load Lok.”

Matt says his Peki Classic’s heavy-duty features maximise uptime, making Randello’s more productive and profitable while maintaining fresh produce from the farm to the store. “Our drivers do not need to use a pallet jack to load or unload the Peki Classic because the cargo space is optimised for forklift access, which is incredible. Also, the rear roller door is easy to use and is safer to operate compared to loading and unloading a curtain-sider. This productivity boost saves up to two hours per trip.”

Heath explains that the insulation panels of the Peki Classic are engineered and designed to suit the vehicle’s dimensions, via MaxiTRANS’ in-house urethane foam process. “We are one of the only trailer and truck body manufacturers to produce our foam in-house,” he says. “Our point of difference is that we improve thermal performance by producing panels to the required thickness without the need to cut and degrade important surface insulation cells.”

MaxiTRANS has also developed the stainless steel rear frame and galvanised sub frame of the Peki Classic for better durability and improved corrosion protection, according to Heath.

“Heath is great; he consistently provides excellent customer service and has always had our back,” Matt says – stating that MaxiTRANS has assisted Randello’s with making informed decisions about sourcing and maintaining quality transport equipment. “The farming industry depends on long-term partnerships with suppliers like MaxiTRANS because it promotes performance gains through the use of innovative equipment, and takes care of small family businesses like Randello’s in the process.”

Fast Fact
Australia’s largest trailer manufacturer, MaxiTRANS, launched its new range of Peki truck bodies at the 2017 Brisbane Truck Show last May, showcasing its ability to supply truck bodies with a focus on performance and reliability, supported by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Fast Fact
Peki truck body owners are aided by one of the largest support networks of its kind in the country. The MaxiTRANS Dealer Network, in association with MaxiPARTS, provides after-sales support and service from over 30 locations Australia-wide, ensuring optimal uptime and maintenance.

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