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A mutual alignment

  • From the April 2018 issue.
A mutual alignment

With a specialised focus in finance brokerage for the commercial road transport industry, Phillips Basile Equipment Finance was carefully chosen by trailer builder, Vawdrey, to offer fleet operators and business owners innovative solutions geared for the long-term.

Over the last decade, Phillips Basile Equipment Finance (PBEF), has observed a series of trends in banking, and how other consultancies in an ageing market are falling behind in terms of keeping pace with innovation and best serving the needs of modern road transport businesses. Much has changed in recent years, most notably the spotlight on compliance and the pressures associated with working with stringent regulations. Rather than simply set and forget, the dynamic team at PBEF upholds a respectable reputation for providing an accommodating and personalised service offering that has caught the attention of forward thinking trailer builder, Vawdrey Australia.

“Just about every road transport and logistics company Australia-wide is engaged in fast-paced operations that demand a swift turnaround, especially when securing heavy-duty equipment that is essential for day-to-day freight tasks,” says PBEF Co-founder, Chris Phillips – adding that the industry today is looking for key decision makers with a can-do attitude, which is one of the reasons why PBEF is proud to head up ‘Vawdrey Finance’. “We share a common approach with Vawdrey; it works closely with its clients to develop innovative semi-trailer builds that are optimised for longevity, and my energetic team establish a strong rapport, backed by mutual trust.”

Fellow Co-founder, Michael Basile, explains that there should be more to a financial brokerage arrangement than simply facilitating products out of sheer convenience. Before the financial specialists delve too deep, his team guides clients through the process, one step at a time. “First of all, PBEF has to understand the business and the goals that go along with the purchase of heavy machinery. Next, we collaboratively hunt for the best possible options for the goals set out. Using both industry contacts, over two decades of experience and the personal relationship created, PBEF is able to recommend options that align with those goals,” he says.

Understanding the direction of a business is important for Michael because it helps his team devise tailored finance options. “Clear, honest communication is essential, and PBEF is passionate about working in partnership with clients to assist them with setting and achieving their business goals. By building close, personal relationships with fleets, PBEF is empowering businesses to make informed decisions,” he says – adding that the financial brokerage assists fleets big and small throughout Australia. “For small road transport companies, PBEF can formulate a holistic business plan that covers everything from how to talk to the banks to advice on re-sale values on spec’d equipment. For the larger, more corporate enterprises, PBEF can discuss volume and scale as well as commercial rates; It comes down to what the business needs and how we can assist.”

Chris is ecstatic about the brokerage’s future prospects as it continues to establish long-term relationships with its clients, while strengthening its ties with Vawdrey. “Ultimately, PBEF is focused on not only fully understanding and appreciating the needs of our clients and stakeholders, but also helping them grow their business. Through this success, we benefit the commercial road transport industry and promote further growth.”

Fast Fact
Phillips Basile Equipment Finance (PBEF) is a specialist finance brokerage founded by experienced finance consultants and close friends, Chris Phillips and Michael Basile. Chris and Michael established the business in 2016 after 20 years combined experience providing financial services to businesses across Australia.

Fast Fact
Original equipment manufacturer, Vawdrey Australia, designs and manufactures a selection of truck bodies and semi-trailers, including Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved combinations.

(Image L-R: Chris Phillips, Paul Vawdrey and Michael Basile.)

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