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A partnership to rely on

  • From the October 2018 issue.
A partnership to rely on

As Lindsay Transport celebrates its 65th anniversary, the business can also fondly look back on a longstanding partnership with MaxiTRANS, which has produced the vast majority of its trailers.

Lindsay Transport was established by Tom and the late Peter Lindsay in 1953, when they bought three second hand trucks from their father.

The business started operating out of Coffs Harbour, carting fruit and vegetables. It soon expanded its operations to include timber and fuel.

Lindsay Transport pioneered the refrigerated fruit and vegetable transport industry and was among the first transport companies to begin using refrigerated trailers in Australia.

By the early 1970s, the fleet had grown to include 23 trailers before expanding into Queensland, quickly growing into one of the nation’s largest refrigerated road transport fleets.

From humble beginnings all those years ago, Lindsay Transport has grown from strength to strength, becoming a transport powerhouse. It now has a fleet in excess of 1,000 vehicles and operates out of 16 depots along the eastern seaboard. This includes an additional terminal that was recently opened in Adelaide, and a brand new depot in Perth that opened in mid September 2018.

Since the beginning, it has always been about providing customers with exceptional service and creating strong partnerships that have stood the test of time. These partnerships extend not only from the farmers and regional communities that supply much of the produce Lindsay Transport delivers to its customers, but also to the transport equipment suppliers that help to keep the company’s sizeable fleet operating with the highest levels of efficiency.

It is these high levels of service that have paved the way for the company’s continued success. Lindsay Transport Operations Manager, Robert Dummer, says the business has prided itself on its service from day one. “Lindsay Transport was built on hard work and a reliance on servicing customer needs from the moment the two brothers started the business,” he says.

Staying true to its roots, fresh produce and refrigerated goods still make up a large portion of Lindsay Transport’s freight task. Today, 90% of its operations is refrigerated transport, all carried using Maxi-CUBE Classic refrigerated vans.

“The majority of our freight is to do with the horticultural industry, with Lindsay Transport representing one of the biggest fresh produce movers in Australia. The Maxi-CUBE vans are among the lightest refrigerated trailers on the market, which means we can get more payload,” adds Robert. “Lindsay Transport also places a strong focus on safety – everything is about safety. We are going through all of our trucks and trailers with a safety checklist to ensure our equipment is as safe as possible.”

Likewise, MaxiTRANS has also maintained a strong commitment to safety from the very beginning, constantly looking to improve and further add to the list of safety features available on its trailer offering. The new and improved version of the Maxi-CUBE Classic, released earlier this year, is just one prime example. These include redesigned double loader bars, which are up to 50 per cent lighter than previous versions, making them easier to manoeuvre into position and brighter internal LED lighting for greater visibility. Furthermore, improvements made to the Maxi-CUBE Classic have resulted in a thermal efficiency improvement over previous models of more than 5 per cent on a standard 22 pallet reefer, translating to improved performance, integrity of carried product and fuel efficiency for owners.

Lindsay Transport turns to Queensland dealer, Trailer Sales, for all of its trailer needs.

“Since Trailer Sales became a MaxiTRANS Dealer, we have turned to them for all of our trailer needs. The service from Trailer Sales is really spot on. The staff do a great job and the service really is second to none,” says Robert. Adding that the business has purchased a range of both Maxi-CUBE refrigerated vans, as well as Freighter Tautliner and Skel trailers.

This year alone, Lindsay Transport has already purchased 18 new B-double and six road train Maxi-CUBE Classic van combinations from Trailer Sales. Each addition features dual evaporator B-trailers, which offer three temperature zones across the combination, delivering greater versatility.

“There are now greater levels of scrutiny from the receivers when it comes to temperature control. With these new B-doubles, it means we can cart blueberries, grapes and bananas – which all require different temperatures – on the same load,” explains Robert.

Lindsay Transport purchased its first dual temperature zone B-double back in 2014 to cater for a particular job, quickly realising the added versatility that could be achieved with this type of trailer – even allowing the business to cart frozen and refrigerated goods in the one load.

“Queensland is the biggest fruit bearer, loading up to 2,500 pallets of fruit from the state every day. There can be anywhere between eight to ten temperatures that need to be set in any one day, so the dual temperature zones give us much more flexibility. As well as different fruits requiring different temperatures, there are also some fruits that can’t be carried together because they aren’t compatible. For example, a paw paw will give off a gas that will ripen a banana,” says Robert, adding that a further benefit to the dual zone is the fact that the compartments are fully separated, which means that paw paws and bananas can be transported both in the same trip without issue.

Along with the new fleet of Maxi-CUBE Classic vans, Lindsay Transport has also ordered 20 Freighter skels to cater to the newly opened Perth division. The Perth depot will service a new major contract in the west, transporting frozen goods to the eastern seaboard.

According to Robert, Lindsay Transport’s loyalty to the MaxiTRANS product is based on a relationship that is tried and true, and a product that has proven it can go the distance.

“It’s essential to have good quality trailers, especially when it comes to refrigerated transport. Temperature control is a big thing now. We’ll get knocked out for being just one degree out. MaxiTRANS and Trailer Sales have bent over backwards for us and offered continued great service,” says Robert. “In 2015, we ordered 68 trailers that we needed fast. I don’t think any other trailer builder would have been able to build that many trailers for us that quickly. Nothing is ever a drama, so if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.”

(Image L-R: Glen Lindsay, Tom Lindsay and Kim Lindsay.)

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