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A second skin

  • From the May 2019 issue.
A second skin

Marketed by E-Plas, the QuickSilver liner for tipping bodies and trailers provides a low-friction surface that promotes quick and clean slide-out of a wide range of materials. Brisbane-based Retractable Tarps is an authorised installer.

Every so often a product comes along that makes a big splash, revolutionising a specific operation within its sphere of application.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be overly hi-tech or complex, but the difference it makes to its area of operation can be astounding.

The QuickSilver tipper liner by E-Plas is one such product. In one fell swoop, upon its introduction, it effectively remedied two of the biggest headaches related to tipper operation: Product hang-up and abrasive wear of tipper body floors and sides.

Interestingly, both these issues tend to be rather mutually exclusive in that the more abrasive materials like sand and gravel generally don’t get hung up while wet clay and other soil products are notorious for not wanting to leave the tipping body until it is almost vertical.

This creates a major safety hazard due to the weight being so high up and can easily cause a rollover if the vehicle is not on a completely level surface. 

The QuickSilver liner material is a proprietary industrial grade self-lubricating plastic manufactured by German company Quadrant EPP.

It is said to outwear and outlast equivalent thickness steel and aluminium sheets while also weighing considerably less. Superior abrasion, impact and corrosion resistance are other attributes.

Due to the low friction surface, most loads dump clean by the third ram stage, mitigating trailer tip-over risk. Importantly, it requires no ongoing maintenance.

The skilled team at Retractable Tarps has been custom fitting QuickSilver liners to tippers for a number of years, with the company saying the high quality of the product matches the quality of its tarp kits and equipment.

One of its customers, Burdekin Transport at Ayr in far north Queenland, had the product fitted to one of its tipper and quad-dog combinations 12 months ago.

“I’m very happy with the performance of the QuickSilver liner,” says Burdekin Transport owner, Ross Lewis.
“The tipping angle is significantly reduced and the product hang-up issues have been completely eliminated.”

The company carts a diverse mix of quarry products with material sizes generally below 300mm in diameter and some wet excavated clay material.

“Normally the clay product is renowned for hanging up at the top of the body but since fitting the liner we haven’t had an issue,” Ross confirms.

In fact, so impressed is Ross with the product he plans to progressively have it fitted to the remainder of the fleet.

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