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A supplier to rely on

  • From the December 2018 issue.
A supplier to rely on

When carrying freight as delicate as livestock, reliability is paramount. For Trans Australian Livestock, JOST has become the supplier of choice when it comes to fifth wheels, landing legs and wheels – based on its high quality product range and exceptional levels of customer service.

Gary and Suzette Thornhill started their transport business in 1986, when they bought their first truck and trailer, operating under the name of G&S Thornhill. One by one, the fleet grew in size, and the business began carting a wide variety of freight including wool, hay, grapes and livestock.
The couple acquired Trans Australian Livestock in 1999 and began trading as Trans Australian Livestock Pty Ltd. Before long, the business grew into South Australia’s largest livestock transport carrier.

Today the business operates from three facilities – Lucindale and Murray Bridge in South Australia, and Orange in New South Wales. Gary and Suzette’s three sons – Jason, Damian and Wade – also hold key positions within the family owned and operated business.
Trans Australian’s transport task stretches far and wide, with its 60-strong fleet of trucks hauling freight all over Australia, operating across two main divisions – livestock and general freight. 

Trans Australian Livestock Manager, Jason Thornhill, explains that a commitment to providing the highest levels of service has been a key driver of the company’s continued growth and success. “It’s all about customer service, about loyalty and going the extra mile. It’s about knowing what the customer needs and deserves, and having the right equipment to ensure we can deliver on what we promise,” he says.

“In this business, it’s all about relationships. As well as a good relationship with your customers, you need to have close relationships with your equipment suppliers too. It’s important to develop trust with your suppliers – and in our opinion JOST offers the best in build quality, reliability and value for money. JOST equipment isn’t the cheapest in terms of dollar value for the item but offer great value across the life of the product.”

Trans Australian uses JOST equipment across the vast majority of trailers in the fleet, including JOST landing legs and fifth wheels.

JOST’s MODUL series landing legs are extremely versatile. Thanks to the modular construction with variable mounting and operating heights, various crank handles and different styles of feet, all client requirements can be catered for.

JOST’s JSK37 C series fifth wheels are also a perfect fit to Trans Australian’s operations. Featuring rubber bearings, they are ideal for stockcrate applications.

Recently Trans Australian also began specifying JOST’s SuperChrome wheels following a recommendation from Truck Art. Based in Wagga Wagga in the Riverina region of New South Wales, Truck Art has specialised in manufacturing livestock trailers for close to a decade. It has produced close to a third of Trans Australian’s livestock trailer fleet. With branches across five states, Truck Art also offers a support and repairs service throughout Australia.

“When it comes to king pins, landing legs, fifth wheels and alloy rims, we use mostly JOST. More recently, we have been using more of JOST’s SuperChrome wheels too,” says Sales Manager at Truck Art Trailers, David Jorgensen. “JOST has never let us down. They look after us, are always on time and supply high quality equipment. JOST’s levels of service are excellent.”

The SuperChrome product has been designed with performance, durability and presentation in mind. As Trans Australian places a strong emphasis on the presentation of its fleet, the SuperChrome product is a perfect fit. “Presentation is so important. It’s how the business is portrayed and seen when our equipment is out on the road. A lot of effort is put into the cleanliness and appearance of the vehicles. We have one driver per truck and they take great pride in their allocated vehicle,” Jason says.

“Our equipment is at a very high level from front to back – from the truck provider, to the trailer supplier to the running gear supplier. When animals are on board and in transit, the clock is ticking. There are a lot of considerations to take into account when carting livestock, such as the risk of dehydration for example. We need to know our equipment is reliable enough to get the livestock form A to B. We can’t afford to have any breakdowns,” adds Jason. “We’ve been relying on JOST for many years, and in my opinion JOST provides some of the best equipment for our needs.”

Fast Fact
Offering high resistance to the effects of gravel sandblasts, high resistance to chemicals and harsh working environments, Jost’s SuperChrome wheels won’t stain or discolour. They rinse clean in seconds for optimum shine.

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