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A tick for reliability

  • From the June 2018 issue.
A tick for reliability

MKD Transcorp prides itself on being reliable. To ensure its customer service levels are consistently maintained, it turns to equipment that can do the same. MKD’s recent order of Mitsubishi Pegasus single temperature refrigeration units from Australian Transport Equipment (ATE), have been ticking all of the right boxes.

The story of MKD Transcorp echoes that of many transport businesses. MKD started in 1999 with just one truck. Wanting to give the transport industry a go, brothers Igor and Zak Cvetkoski purchased a small rigid tautliner. “They were transporting anything and everything. Because they were good at what they were doing, they started getting more work and got to the point where they needed to purchase a second truck, and they have continued along that same track,” says Noel Ryles, General Manager of MKD Transcorp.

“They responded to customer needs and from the beginning have maintained reliability and service, so customers inevitably kept coming back. It’s all about being reliable and consistent in terms of the service that is delivered. Customers can call on us and they know we will get the job done.”

Nearly 20 years since the business was first formed, MKD’s fleet has grown to encompass over 165 pieces of equipment, including the truck that started it all, which continues to operate to this day.

The business operates out of the south-western Sydney suburb of Chipping Norton, with more than 132 trailers, which are used for both refrigerated and dry freight.
In February this year, MKD Transcorp took delivery of two new B-doubles manufactured by Vawdrey. The order included four Mitsubishi Pegasus single temperature refrigeration units, sold by Dean Coffill from ATE.

ATE was last year appointed as the New South Wales Sales and service partner for Mitsubishi Transport Refrigeration products.

QTRS is the official Australian distributor for Mitsubishi Refrigeration units for trucks and trailers. It is also the area sales and service partner for both Victoria and Tasmania. QTRS in Victoria has worked to expand its Sales and service partner network for Mitsubishi refrigeration units in Australia and now covers New South Wales with ATE, South Australia through C&C Transport Refrigeration, along with key service agents around the country.

Managing Director of ATE, Sim Hatchell, founded ATE in mid-2017. He came on board after recognising the need of local support for the product range of Mitsubishi Refrigeration for trucks and trailers in New South Wales.

However it was Dean Coffill from ATE who was instrumental in promoting the features and benefits of the Mitsubishi Pegasus units to MKD, “Noel, Igor and Zac have been a pleasure to deal with throughout the build,” says Dean. “They are true professionals who set high standards in the trucking industry for their customers.”

MKD Transcorp was the first business to take advantage of ATE’s presence in New South Wales, with the order of its first batch of Mitsubishi Pegasus units, delivered in February.

“We chose the Mitsubishi units because we are always looking for better outcomes in terms of our equipment, so we can maintain our reliability,” says Noel. “We needed to be able to run the equipment without interruption and be able to monitor our temperatures and humidity. Mitsubishi ticked all the boxes and gave us all the features we needed; and ATE were successful in the quoting and delivery of this last order.”

He adds that the Mitsubishi units have been operating exceptionally well. “They have been excellent, and the aesthetic profile is great. The ability to maintain the preset temperature and humidity has been consistent. We can put any load of produce in the truck and know that the units will maintain the right temperature for the entire journey.”

Noel says that the technology incorporated into the Mitsubishi refrigeration units means that the business can monitor its equipment and its precious temperature-controlled freight, no matter where it is located. “These new units have been updated with the latest technology in terms of temperature control. This gives us the ability to monitor temperatures remotely and gives us alerts if there are any variances that go outside of the parameters of the preset temperatures.” Looking ahead, Noel says MKD Transcorp is preparing for continued growth.

“MKD Transcorp is not particularly well known in the marketplace so our strategy over the past 12 months, and for the next one to two years, is to increase our presence in the market and grow our business at a pace where we can continue to maintain our high levels of reliability.”

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