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A unique solution

  • From the April 2018 issue.
A unique solution

Looking to increase productivity at the Port of Brisbane, Silk Contract Logistics worked together with Panus Oceania to develop two unique Quad-Quad Axle Super B Skels, which are among the highest payload capacity Super B combinations to be approved to work at the port.

Silk Contract Logistics first made contact with Panus Oceania in May last year, which ultimately led to the purchase of the two new Super B trailer combinations, which were delivered in late February 2018. And now, the company is reaping the benefits of increased payload. “For us, it was about striking a balance between the quality of the product on offer and the right price,” says Silk Contract Logistics QLD Transport Manager.

The trailer combinations were delivered with the help of Panus’ Brisbane dealer, Iveco Trucks in Rocklea, where Ross Power and his team performed all of the pre-delivery work in order to get the trailers ready for handover.

Specialising in warehousing, distribution and wharf cartage, Silk Container Logistics has a national fleet in excess of 100 trucks, including both company owned and sub-contractor vehicles. Its operations are varied and diverse.
The Brisbane division operates a fleet of 30 vehicles in wharf cartage, made up of a mix of super B-doubles, side loaders, drop decks, skels and more.

Measuring almost 30 metres in length, the new Quad-Quad axle Super B Skels are the first combinations of their kind to be manufactured by Panus and have been designed specifically for use by Silk Contract Logistics at the Port of Brisbane.

The sizeable skels have a gross combination mass of 117 tonne, an eight tonne increase from the previously used Quad-Tri combinations, which were capable of carrying 109 tonne. They can transport either four 20-foot containers or two 40 foot containers per trip.

Another key point of difference is that being Quad-Quad combinations, there is a steer axle fitted to both trailers; whereas the Quad-Tri combinations only have a steer axle fitted to the quad axle of the A-trailer. 

These trailers are only the second and third trailer combinations with a gross combination mass of 117 tonne that have been approved to work at the Port of Brisbane, representing a significant increase in productivity.

The Quad-Quad combinations have been put to work, operating on the Port of Brisbane’s road network, travelling between terminals and the Silk Contract Logistics depot. In designing the trailer combinations, Panus worked closely with both Silk Contract Logistics and the Port of Brisbane, to ensure they would meet all of the necessary requirements to be approved for work at the port at the 117 tonne gross limit. Among these requirements were specific axle spacings, rollover stability, and low speed swept path targets. “The trailers were custom-made for use at the Port of Brisbane. When we first decided we wanted to have these Quad-Quad Super B trailers built, we spoke with the port. Panus then liaised with its Australian engineers and the port to make sure that they would meet the Port of Brisbane’s new requirements.

Both trailer combinations are fitted with EBS braking, along with WIFI-enabled scales, which will enable the Port of Brisbane to monitor and capture data relating to the weights of vehicles travelling along the roads it operates on in the future if required.

Silk Contract Logistics QLD Transport Manager says that the productivity gains that have resulted from the extra payload of the new Quad-Quad trailers have been their biggest advantage. Though it’s still early days, Silk hasn’t ruled out adding more of these combinations to the fleet in the future.

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