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Adaptable and agile

  • From the February 2019 issue.
Adaptable and agile

Catering for diverse fleet requirements across the agriculture and waste sector, Byrne Trailers introduces its latest smooth sided moving floor trailer design.

New South Wales–based trailer builder, Byrne Trailers, has been synonymous with Australia’s livestock industry since the 1970s, and has never rested on its laurels when it comes to road transport innovation.

Over the years, Byrne has branched out – manufacturing tipper and moving floor trailers to manage predominantly agricultural products, as well as pre-compaction systems and moving floor trailers for the waste industry. 

David Byrne, the most senior of the second generation in the family business, identified a need to introduce a new moving floor trailer to the Australian market – one that can be made as a lightweight agricultural trailer and can easily be manufactured as a reinforced design to transport waste.

“We looked at both European and US trailer designs, and the clean look of the European trailers certainly appealed to us, as did the efficiency of their design – which gives us a stronger trailer with a low tare weight,” David says. 

“Others in Australia have used some aspects of the European trailers, such as the extruded sideboard walls, but have extensively used bolted connections so they have not taken full advantage of the design concept.

“The key to keeping tare weight to a minimum while maintaining strength and durability is to have a fully welded aluminium superstructure, including floor crossmembers,” he says – adding that Byrne Trailers is experienced with this type of construction, and since the 1990s has been building ribbed style fully welded aluminium moving floor trailers for the waste industry, which were based on US technology. “Our new trailer uses fully welded aluminium extruded boards for the walls. The boards are our own design, and give us high strength while maintaining an internal width that fits two pallets side by side. The floor crossmembers are high tensile aluminium extruded I-beams, welded to the side coaming, which gives the trailer a very defined look.”
The Byrne Trailers team is confident that this blend of US and European concepts, combined with the manufacturer’s in-house knowledge and decades-long experience with producing full aluminium moving floor trailers will make the new design a success.

David says the first sample of its smooth sided walking floor trailer rolled off the production line in January this year. “With a 94 cubic metre capacity and a tare weight just over 8.3 tonnes, without a doubt Byrne have a low tare weight trailer.”

The first trailer is fitted with a Keith Running Floor RFII moving walking floor system, tri-axle SAF Intradrum suspension and Haldex Electronic Braking System (EBS).

“We’re very happy with the weight; not bad outstanding for a 45’ Ag spec full height trailer on 11R22.5 tyres,” David says.

To complement the refined look of the sides of the trailer, Byrne opted for internal hardware on the rear doors, which are of similar construction to the side walls, allowing clear space for trailer signage.

The first few of these new design trailers will join the Byrne Trailer Rental (BTR) fleet. One of which is a road train lead, with thorough through hydraulics and a Ringfeder fitted.

The fundamental trailer design lends itself to being tailored to suit many applications, so it can be made higher and longer and even wider, with more or less axles, with reinforced walls for solid waste or with leakproof floors.

“As a family company, the most important design and manufacturing consideration is that the product is made right and works as intended,” David says.

“Since the 1990s we have built numerous steel frame moving floor trailers for agriculture and full aluminium moving floor trailers for waste, most of which are still working today.

Innovation is important; Byrne were the first in Australia to build a load through walking floor B-double in 1995, and we are open to thinking outside the box to deliver value to the customer. This new design offers customers a tough, lightweight trailer with a clean look, from a quality manufacturer.”

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