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Bird is the word

  • From the November 2017 issue.
Bird is the word

Victoria-based bulk materials supplier, Shandley’s Transport, is setting itself up to grow alongside the burgeoning poultry industry with its fleet of Cargo Floor trailer unloading systems from BPW Transpec.

Although Australians are well known for their love of lamb, statistics from the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources show that chicken is actually the meat of choice. The poultry industry has grown 52 per cent in the last 10 years*, with Victoria alone responsible for around 22 per cent of the million tonnes of chicken meat produced in the region.

The expanding industry has been serviced by Dandenong-based Shandley’s Transport since 1960, when Brian Shandley established a small bulk sawdust and shaving supply firm with just a three-metre Ford tipper. Growing alongside the poultry trade, Shandley’s now boasts a fleet of 22 trailer combinations that transport the bedding materials to chicken farms around Victoria.

A family-owned and operated business, Brian’s son David now acts as Managing Director, and has been working in the company since the mid-1980s. Around the same time, the company also bought its first moving floor trailer – and has been buying them ever since. “All of the trailers we purchase are fitted with moving floors as standard, as with our job we have to be able to unload inside chicken sheds and on site,” explains David. “A lot of the sites are hard to unload with a tipper, so a moving floor is the safest way to make deliveries.”

David’s moving floor of choice is the Cargo Floor system, available through BPW Transpec, which he adds is designed to discharge freight more efficiently and safely compared to a conventional tipping method. According to BPW Transpec, the Cargo Floor is the lightest system in its category while providing the maximum possible cargo volume because of its compact design.

As it uses the latest materials and is powered exclusively by hydraulics, it is very low maintenance, so David says it “doesn’t give him any trouble”. “We first started using the Cargo Floor at a recommendation from our trailer manufacturer,” he says. “We ordered four and had such a good experience with them, that we have made the Cargo Floor a standard ever since.”

With 12 Cargo Floors in the fleet – and another two currently on order – David says having matching equipment makes maintenance a lot easier, which is important as Shandley’s does all its own maintenance on site. “Other brands of moving floors are good, but I just know that when I get a trailer with a Cargo Floor, it will give me the same quality I expect,” he says – adding that he also specifies BPW axle and suspension systems.

“Reliability is incredibly important in all of the equipment we buy,” he says. “We don’t have any trouble with any of the equipment we source from BPW Transpec, and the team there are very helpful.”

By specifying reliable equipment, David says the company is well set up to grow alongside the poultry meat industry, which is forecasted to continue its average of four per cent growth per year. “Shandley’s has gotten busier and grown with the chicken industry over the last 30 years, and we expect that growth to continue,” he says.

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