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BRE-Wabash tandem delivers Arctic Lite Series

  • From the March 2017 issue.
BRE-Wabash tandem delivers Arctic Lite Series

Bruce Rock Engineering has teamed up with North American OEM, Wabash National, to deliver fleet-proven Arctic Lite Series refrigerated vans that are engineered to significantly reduce costs for the industry.

Exclusively distributed in Australia by national road transport equipment, supplier and manufacturer, Bruce Rock Engineering (BRE), Wabash National’s Arctic Lite refrigerated trailer combines North American industry-leading engineering capabilities with the latest technologies.

The result of over 20 years of development with leading carriers in North America, the Arctic Lite is a thermally efficient refrigerated van that maximises payload capacity and resists damage even in the most demanding hauls, according to BRE. With an estimated half a million vans on the road in North America, BRE Managing Director, Damion Verhoogt, says the Arctic Lite Series refrigerated vans are engineered to drive performance and efficiencies, reducing operating costs and improving the bottom line. “In Australia, these refrigerated vans have already been tested and we’ve seen savings around the 20 to 30 per cent mark in fridge plant fuel usage,” he explains.

“We believe the purpose of innovation is to drive performance for our clients,” Damion adds. “We have always been respected as an innovator in the industry and the Arctic Lite is engineered to deliver strong commercial advantages. It has been specifically designed to be thermally efficient and lightweight, and reduce operational costs.”

From thermal breaks that prevent heat transfer, to the computer-controlled foaming process that ensures void-free sidewall insulation, the Arctic Lite refrigerated van maintains a specified operating temperature with fewer reefer unit hours.

Though maximising the thermal efficiency sometimes means additional insulation, the Arctic Lite refrigerated van still delivers a lightweight performance that doesn’t compromise on strength and durability. “Built with high-strength, lightweight materials and components, the trailers are up to two tonnes lighter than other comparable Australian refrigerated trailers,” says Damion.

For the Australian market, BRE has included the SolarGuard Roof System as a standard addition to every van. The SolarGuard Roof prevents ultraviolet (UV) rays from being absorbed into the roof panel, improving the overall thermal efficiency of the vans and significantly reducing the cooling unit’s operating costs. The cooling unit can subsequently run for fewer hours to maintain the designated trailer temperature. The result is fuel savings, reduced maintenance costs and an extended service life of the cooling unit, Damion says.

Regardless of the trade cycle, the Arctic Lite refrigerated van has been designed to maximise the length of its life. “It has been purpose-built to meet the rigorous demands of refrigerated operations, making it extremely durable,” Damion says. 

He adds greater protection has been given to the areas where it is most needed – the grocer-style duct floor system has a seven-tonne dynamic load rating that supports heavier payloads and high cycle loading and unloading, while the interior boasts a standard high-performance liner that provides “exceptional resistance” to puncture and abrasion.

“From the high-strength floor system and sidewalls to the damage-resistant doors and LED light package, these trailers are built to last, and all with componentry that is readily available in the Australian market,” Damion explains.

To provide Australian customers with a holistic local service and maintenance offering for the North American products, he says BRE has focused on its strategic growth and the provision of innovative and leading edge manufacturing capabilities over the last two years, and now boasts full support services across the country.

In 2016, BRE opened a purpose-built 3,000m2 workshop and office facility in Perth, to add to its Bruce Rock and Port Hedland manufacturing, maintenance and service facilities.

On the East Coast, the company partnered with Australia’s largest heavy vehicle accident repair specialists, Royan Truck and Trailer Repairs. Damion says Royan adds a further six state-of-the-art facilities located in Melbourne, Brisbane and across NSW to the BRE mix, providing support and an end-to-end transport service for any of the equipment in the BRE portfolio.

Since the company’s establishment in 1980, BRE has cemented its position as a national force in road transport equipment, design, manufacture and maintenance. Its equipment is renowned across Australia for “excellence in design, innovation, quality and reliability,” Damion says, pointing to the company’s range of end and side tippers, dollies, skel trailers, flat tops, drop decks, and refrigerated and dry vans. BRE also pioneered the world-first 60m long super-quad tipped to deliver much-needed cost efficiencies to the mining sector.

“All in all, our focus is on creating a win for our clients by delivering cost efficiencies and providing greater life to keep trucks on the road longer.”

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