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Breaking it down

  • From the March 2018 issue.
Breaking it down

On the search for a running gear solution that would combine low tare weight with a competitive warranty offering and maintenance regime, Delta Group followed Bulk Transport Equipment’s advice and specified SAF-Holland.

According to a report by research company, IBISWorld, demolition is a growing industry that rakes in over $5 billion* a year, and is expected to expand by 2.8 per cent per annum to 2018.

Over the last 40 years, demolition company, Delta Group, has grown to be one of the largest diversified contractors of its kind in the world. Given the scale and capacity of its national operations, it invested in new trucks, trailers and hooklifts in 2017 to meet increasing demand. As part of the order, the company took delivery of four Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved truck and three-axle and truck and four-axle dog combinations from Bulk Transport Equipment (BTE).

As part of the trailer specification, Delta Group General Manager Recycling and Logistics, Dominic Santullo, says he relied on advice from BTE Managing Director, Alan Griffiths, who suggested the Intradisc plus Integral axle and suspension equipment from SAF-Holland.

“Delta Group is a family-owned company that operates Australia-wide, employing more than 680 people and manages Australia’s largest fleet of plant and equipment,” Dominic explains. “Our fleet is the engine room of our growth so we need to make sure we expand to meet the needs and high expectations of our blue chip clients.”

As the lightest axle and suspension system on the market, the SAF-Holland Intradisc plus Integral allows the Delta Group to maximise its payloads, which Dominic says is a priority across the wider transport industry at the moment. “Payload is everything these days,” he says. “Ordering PBS-approved truck and dog combinations fitted with SAF-Holland gear was a smart way for us to maximise our payloads without compromising on quality.”

As well as the appealing combination of low tare weight and a unique six-year/ one million kilometre warranty offer, Dominic adds that the SAF-Holland gear boasts the latest in technology allowing it to be combined with the trailer’s Electronic Braking System (EBS). The set up on the trailers is integrated into the Scania vehicles, which provides additional information on an in-cab display for the drivers, such as real-time trailer weights.

The Intradisc air suspension features unique aspects that protect the shock absorber and brake booster from damage by road debris, which is a common occurrence within the demolition haulage sector. Both parts are centrally-mounted to achieve this level of protection; the shock absorber is almost completely enclosed by the hanger bracket and trailing arm, and the brake booster is well-protected by the trailing arm’s structure. The low-maintenance design is also completely sealed, so no dirt or debris can penetrate through to the inner parts and compromise its integrity.

Dominic says that reducing vehicle downtime and minimising the whole of life costs were also important considerations when specifying equipment. By eliminating the need for U-bolts, clamping plates, axles seats and nuts, the Intradisc system requires less maintenance than alternative designs, allowing the user’s equipment to clock up more hours working, rather than sitting in a workshop.

“Delta Group is on a growth trajectory alongside the demolition industry world-wide, so we can’t allow our trucks and trailers to sit idle,” Dominic says. “The technology of the SAF-Holland Intradisc plus Integral axle and suspensions along with the quality tipper manufacturing from BTE has given us a reliable and 21st century fleet management solution that will  help us stay at the forefront of industry trends and developments.”

*Source: IBISWorld Waste Remediation and Materials Recovery Services - Australia Market Research Report 2017

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