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Building them Tuff

  • From the February 2019 issue.
Building them Tuff

A long time customer of Tuff Trailers, Hogan’s Heavy Haulage has recently taken delivery of a new 4x4 widener low loader equipped with full powered steering and BPW air suspension on all four axles.

Hogan’s Heavy Haulage has been buying new trailers from Tuff for the past 20 years, specifying them with proven equipment including BPW axles and suspension.

The company has to date owned 53 Tuff trailers with the latest three recently put into service. The fleet includes 14 units purchased second-hand.

The range of Tuff equipment Hogan’s owns is extensive and includes low loaders, drop decks, wideners, quad-axles, quad-axle extendables, super-tilts, steerable 8x8 platform and a full powered steer low loader, the latter unit being the focus of this story. This trailer features 17.5-inch Alcoa polished alloy wheels running Michelin tyres fitted to BPW axles with BPW air suspension and full Tridec powered steering function.  

The Tridec full powered steer setup enables each of the trailer wheel ends or stub axles to steer in the same manner as the prime mover steer wheels, which markedly reduces trailer cut-in and tyre wear on corners. The steering angle of the trailer wheels is determined by the rotational movement at the fifth wheel of the prime mover.

Also, the steerable trailer wheels make it possible to back the trailer into tight confines in a manner that would be impossible to replicate with a conventional fixed wheel trailer.

“Whereas a normal self-steering axle can turn to 12 degrees, the full powered steer axles turn to 30 degrees which provides outstanding manoeuvrability,” explains Denis Di Pasquale, Managing Director of Tuff Trailers.

“Whether you’re operating in the city or on tight logging trails in the bush, the manoeuvrability is unmatched by any other trailer regardless of size.”

Speaking with Jason Hogan, owner of Hogan’s Heavy Haulage, it’s easy to sense the passion he has for providing outstanding service to his customers.

To maintain this standard requires the best in equipment which is why Jason has stuck with Tuff Trailers and quality components like BPW axles and suspension and the Tridec steering system.

“You wouldn’t find a more dedicated team in terms of innovative design than at Tuff Trailers,” he says. “Their attention to detail and finish of the products are second to none.”

Jason goes on to say that Denis, along with Dave and Matt Dengate in the design department, Josh Pullen and his crew in the workshop, have all worked tirelessly to ensure his new powered steer trailer was ready for its mid-January 2019 delivery.

“I’d like to give them credit for their engineering and trailer building expertise – nothing seems to be a problem for the Tuff team. I give them an idea and they bring it to reality.”

Talking about the suspension and axles of his trailers, Jason says BPW gear has performed well for him over many years of operation. He says that in addition to the quality he has tried to standardise on one product to reduce the inventory of parts in the workshop.

“We run our own workshop and in the early days I got tired of having to stock several different airbags and wheel bearings, things that you use a lot of,” he says. “So over the last 10 years we’ve made a concerted effort to standardise our gear to BPW.

Jason estimates his trailer fleet now comprises around 60 per cent Tuff Trailers and among his reasons for remaining with the brand are the fact that every Tuff trailer is custom built to his precise requirements.

“Everything’s customised with Tuff, and there are a lot of options to choose when you’re specifying a trailer,” he says. “With most other trailer manufacturers you can choose the colour, add a toolbox or change a few little things, but with Denis and the team they start from scratch and everything is customised the whole way through.

“In heavy haulage you have to spec the trailer for the job and if you get it right you get a good return on your investment. This also helps with resale value and in this respect Tuff Trailers are right up there.”

The newest addition to the Hogan’s Heavy Haulage fleet is the company’s first full powered steer trailer, purchased to enable access to locations where conventional trailers simply couldn’t venture.

“We decided it would be an advantage to have the powered steer trailer for some difficult work with tight corners and access in remote areas – it really supplements the rest of the fleet,” Jason says.

As with the majority of the trailers, the new powered steer low loader is equipped with an electronic braking system (EBS/ABS) with drum brakes. According to Jason, this combination is best suited to this style of operation. All in all, the new powered steer trailer displays the high standards that can be achieved with close co-operation between trailer builder and client.

Using high quality running gear from a reputable company like BPW Transpec ensures a long, trouble-fee service life, keeping the trailer utilisation as high as possible for maximum profitability for Hogan’s Heavy Haulage.

Fast Fact
BPW Transpec has a long and proud heritage as a leading supplier of heavy-duty axles and suspension to Australian trailer builders. The company recently supplied components to Tuff Trailers for the build of a full powered steer low loader for Hogan’s Heavy Haulage.

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