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Cementing a legacy

  • From the July 2018 issue.
Cementing a legacy

Taking the lead in the industry, Cement Haulage NSW partnered with Tieman Tankers to bring the first Performance-Based Standards–approved quad-axle aluminium cement tanker to market.

Prezioso Transport was founded in 1990 by John Prezioso. From a single truck beginning, and through a hard-working, hands-on approach, today the company operates over 50 trucks and pneumatic tanker combinations in Victoria – servicing companies including Boral, Sibelco, Hanson, Cement Australia and Independent Cement Limited. This list of blue chip customers is a testament to the reliable service and support offered by Prezioso Transport.

In 2016, John and his brother Mick purchased Cement Haulage NSW. At the time, the company operated 22 trucks and cement tankers, and in a short period have grown the business to 30 trucks and tankers operating exclusively in New South Wales for Independent Cement Limited.

Products evolve over time and for every innovation it takes someone to be first to market. John and Mick Prezioso have seized the opportunity to lead the cement haulage industry with the purchase of the first Performance-Based Standards–approved aluminium quad-axle cement tanker in Australia. Allowed to operate at 50.5-tonnes gross combination mass (GCM), the O.ME.P.S by Tieman tanker has captured industry attention with significant payload efficiency gains driving the investment decision by John and Mick.

Gary Burkett, a respected contract driver for Cement Haulage NSW, has been operating cement tankers for 18 years, and his association with Tieman spans the past six years. When the opportunity for the quad-axle investment came along the catalyst to order was getting PBS road approval across approximately 50 local New South Wales councils.

“Tieman’s in-house PBS expertise made all the difference achieving higher mass route approval success within a short period of time,” Gary says – adding that Roads and Maritime Services NSW have been very progressive with opening up their road network in the state for higher-mass PBS combinations; having specifically gazetted an extensive quad-axle road network at 50.5-tonnes GCM.

A firm advocate for PBS, Gary praises the quad-axle tanker, comparing it to 19m B-double combinations that he has previously worked with. “For a start, registration costs are roughly half that of a 19m B-double and the fuel efficiency and tyre wear is also better, adding significant savings to our running costs every year. So, with the quad-axle adding the extra 4.5-tonnes payload every load over my previous aluminium tri-axle tanker , doing two loads per day, six days per week and the numbers just made the investment compelling,” he says – explaining that when compared against heavy steel tri-axle tankers, the payload gains are even greater at around 5.5T extra every load.

Tieman says the quad-axle tanker is fitted with BPW disc brake suspension, with a rear steer and front lift axle. The rear axle is fitted with a greasing manifold with remote greasing point to make it easy for Gary to apply grease to the steer axle each week. Also, the O.ME.P.S tanker has bolted steel hangers to eliminate stress that can cause cracking when turning around small cement delivery locations. A top auto hatch ensures easy loading without the need to access the top of the tanker. The operating area for aerator control is neatly designed in one manifolded location.

Gary claims the unit tows exceptionally well and the swept path on the quad-axle is similar to a tri-axle tanker due to the steer axle. “It’s a lot easier easy to reverse than a 19m B-double as a lot of the sites we deliver to are small and we need to reverse,” he says – also commenting on the quality of the tanker build. “The vast majority of concrete hauliers in New South Wales depend on sub-contracted vehicle operators. To maintain professional partnerships with other businesses, fleet presentation is important. The O.ME.P.S European build quality is exceptional with polished stainless steel airlines and no welded joins in the front or rear hoods
In terms of aftersales support, Gary says he is impressed with the entire Tieman outfit. “When you purchase a tanker from Tieman, you’re dealing with a great team. The tanker specialist has a flexible warranty arrangement and they get it done.”

Gary keeps his Volvo prime mover and new O.ME.P.S tanker in immaculate condition, symbolising his professionalism to the cement industry and a reflection of respect for the core values set by John and Mick Prezioso.

Fast Fact
Tieman Tankers have the exclusive distribution for the supply of O.ME.P.S. aluminium dry bulk pressure tankers for the Australian and New Zealand markets. O.ME.P.S. is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of aluminium dry bulk road tankers. O.ME.P.S by Tieman offer a range of aluminium dry bulk tankers from conventional bottom cone discharge to tipping tankers with the first aluminium cement tanker operating successfully in Australia since 2009.

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