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  • From the April 2018 issue.
Committed to quality

For over 20 years, farmer-owned dairy co-operative, Fonterra, has purchased many tankers from Byford Equipment, highlighting safety and productivity as key attributes.

As part of its continuous fleet update, farmer-owned co-operative, Fonterra, is committed to providing the best service it can to support the dairy industry Australia-wide. Farm Milk Collection Regional Operations Manager, Ryan Payne, says the business is particularly focused on maximising productivity gains to benefit farms while investing in milk transport equipment that is optimised for driver safety and compliance.

“Fonterra has established strong professional partnerships with leading tanker builder, Byford Equipment,” Ryan says. “As always, the business is focused on taking productivity improvements to the next level."

Ryan says that Fonterra took delivery of five Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved 26m LP A-double tanker combinations in 2017 from Byford Equipment. “Three of these tanker combinations have joined our Victorian contingent, carting milk throughout the north, east and west, and the other two complement our Tasmanian operations. These tankers currently transport 44,000 litres, with increases when we update our prime movers later this year. They are also 900 kilograms lighter in tare weight than other units and feature a lower centre of gravity with an overall tank height of under 2.8 metres. This has a dramatic effect in boosting efficiency,” he says – adding that these tanker combinations feature significant farm access advantages. “Generally speaking, these 26m LP A-doubles run with better farm access than our existing fleet of 19m B-double tanker combinations. 

To meet PBS requirements, the LP A-doubles are designed and spec’d with BPW brakes and WABCO Electronic Braking Systems (EBS), boasting almost 15 per cent improved static rollover threshold.

“One of the most common challenges when carting bulk liquids is managing the vehicle’s centre of gravity, and understanding how changes to that centre of mass can affect the manoeuvrability of the tanker and the safety of the vehicle operator,” Ryan says. “Vehicle operators depend on clever tanker builds to get the job done as quickly and as safely as possible, which is why Fonterra works with original equipment manufacturers like Byford,” he says – adding that by investing in quality Australian manufacturing, it also assures the dairy farm operators that their temperature-sensitive cargo is being carted promptly and professionally.”

With a partnership that exceeds a decade, Ryan says that Fonterra has a strong rapport with Byford and will continue to invest in its bespoke tanker builds to strengthen its milk cartage fleet throughout the nation. “Fonterra has worked closely with Byford Compliance Manager, Chris Nisbet, on improved access and commented that “Chris is the best in the business in gaining access to difficult farm locations”.

Fast Fact
Original equipment manufacturer Byford Equipment’s new sales manager Luke Hardeman, says its LP 26m A-double tanker combinations feature Electronic Braking Systems (EBS) as part of its Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved design, providing ideal safety features that provide anti-lock and load-sensed braking that offer drivers better heavy vehicle handling. “Tankers with liquid payloads are often difficult to drive, especially when shifts to the volume of the milk can affect a heavy vehicle’s centre of gravity and overall stability.”

Fast Fact
According to Fonterra, the farm co-operative has over 15 Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved tankers in a variety of combinations including 26m A-doubles, 19m B-doubles and many single tankers all manufactured locally by Byford. “We have over 1,300 suppliers with varying levels of access, so the  different configurations allow optimal access and volume to meet our needs. A lot of the farms we visit have tight access and the Byford 26m A-double allows better access and higher productivity than anything else on the market.

Fast Fact
“A lot of the farms we visit have tight access that usually require the smaller, manoeuvrable truck and dogs, however we are constantly amazed with where the larger 26m A-doubles can go and favour their increased payload for the bigger farms,” according to Fonterra General Manager – Logistics and Distribution, Brendan Miller. Though Brendan says the Performance-Based Standards high productivity scheme has had its challenges since it was introduced a decade ago, it has improved immensely as the authorities work ever more closely with the fleets to get a better understanding of the types of movements and paths to farms. “The discussions continue and the permits and access continue to improve,” he says. “As access opens up further, we will continue to add the 26m high capacity A-doubles to our fleet.”

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