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Constant evolution

  • From the April 2018 issue.
Constant evolution

Haar Australia reveals its popular tank gauging system, PreciGAUGE, has now been approved for custody transfer straight from the dipsticks by the National Measurement Institute, Australia’s peak body for maintaining primary standards of measurement.

Combining decades of knowledge and expertise in fuel metering system development, Haar Australia offers a range of fuel and LPG metering systems based on its PreciCONTROL technology.

Haar Australia has cemented itself as a trusted name in the supply and manufacture of pump and metering equipment; working with major fuelling vehicle integrators, oil companies, fuel transporters and distributors, as well as the defence industry.
Throughout its history, Haar Australia has achieved a long list of milestones. “We were the first to introduce a gravity metering system to Australia and the first to offer integrated tank gauging with our metering systems. We were also the first to introduce the single pump and meter concept for multiple fuels. We have a specific TUV approval to guarantee contamination-free product changeover, and continue to lead the field in this area, with a long history of product development in this area,” says Haar Australia Director, Ivan Lawrie.

Earlier this year, Haar Australia also moved its head office to a new, larger facility in Melbourne, ready to tackle the next stage of the company’s evolution. The purpose-built 700m² warehouse facility in Sunshine West represents a strong investment in the fuel industry.

A dedicated electronics room, assembly and staging areas, means that Haar Australia is now better equipped to conduct factory acceptance tests for its integrated fuelling systems; to test and calibrate its range of Faudi sensor technology and Fafnir tank gauging systems, and to expand on the already extensive range of pumping and metering systems offered to its customers.

“Alfons Haar manufactures the metering hardware ourselves in-house. We aren’t system integrators patching together items from other suppliers. This way each component of the system is specifically designed for the application, and fully supported by us. We see ourselves as a fuel transfer company so we develop and offer whatever solutions work best for each application,” explains Ivan.

The PreciGAUGE system consists of an Alfons Haar Guardmaster controller with its PreciCONTROL data comms and power bus system connected to the tank’s electronic dipsticks. Data and power are supplied to the dipsticks via a single cable.
While Haar Australia has offered tank-gauging sticks as an optional extra to its metering systems for decades, the company has now taken the extra step to have these NMI approved for sale.

“Technically, nothing changes from the tank gauging system we have supplied in the past as an add-on to our other metering systems, but we now offer it as a stand-alone solution with its own approval,” reveals Ivan.“We have done this as a way to offer an entry-level system for custody transfer to customers who don’t need a complete metering system, but want tank gauging for health and safety reasons anyway, to keep drivers off the top of the tank.”

Haar Australia’s tank gauging systems are also paired with a fully automated manifold control system to provide automatic compartment sequencing and changeover control.
“We believe the best system is an on-board metering solution however there is a segment of the market who are convinced that electronic dipstick solutions are the best for their needs,” says Ivan. “And we are now able to provide a fully NMI approved and technically advanced solution for that application.”

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