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Delivering in style

  • From the January 2019 issue.
Delivering in style

Running a modern and diverse fleet, Daisy’s Garden Supplies has been built on a commitment to quality and service. In recent years, its PBS-approved Kenworth truck and dogs have not only given the business a competitive advantage, they have ensured the fleet always looks the part too.

Operating across three locations in Melbourne – Ringwood East, Carrum and Ashwood – Daisy’s supplies residential, landscaping and commercial customers with a range of garden products including soils, pebbles, mulch, fertilisers, railway sleepers and more. Along with its retail stores, the business has its own soil processing facility and a pebble quarry.

Owned and operated by the Mulcahy family, Daisy’s started from humble beginnings and is now preparing to celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2019. As the business has grown, so too has its freight task. With a fleet of 70 trucks, including tipper utes, rigid tippers, and PBS-approved three and four-axle truck and dogs, deliveries can range anywhere from 1 cubic metre to 1,000. “It’s a family business and we employ lots of families too, so we are all very close knit,” says Evan Mulcahy, Director of Daisy’s Garden Supplies.

“My parents started Daisy’s from the ground up. Though our core business has remained the same, the level of what we do and how much of it we do is what has changed – it’s all on a much greater scale. When my Dad started the business, he would put a sign up saying ‘back soon’ if he had to go out and do a delivery. Now we can do up to 180 drops on any given day, between the three stores.”

Recognising the benefits of adding higher productivity vehicles to its fleet, Daisy’s was an early adopter of Performance-Based Standards (PBS). Its first PBS-approved Kenworth truck and four-axle dogs joined the fleet in 2010. “Back then we had to write our own blueprint for combinations that weren’t available and it took six to eight months to get it over the line. It’s incredible how far PBS has come. PBS has been a great experience and very worthwhile for us. It takes out the work of one truck, allowing us to achieve on average, about a seven-tonne gain per trip,” explains Evan.

Each of the PBS combinations feature Kenworth prime movers and Hercules tippers. The most recent to join the fleet is a Kenworth Legend 900 fitted with a Hercules tipper body and four-axle dog.

Daisy’s purchases most of its trucks from Kenworth DAF Hallam, a relationship that goes back to 1990, when the company purchased its very first Kenworth.
“We are big believers in the Kenworth product. We spend a bit on our trucks and customise them too. Presentation is important and our drivers take a lot of pride in their vehicles,” explains Evan.

“We’ve been buying our tippers from Hercules for more than 35 years. They’ve evolved from a small business like us. Over the years they’ve grown in the same way as we have and have been able to adapt and meet the needs of what we want. They build a great product and the fact that they are right on our doorstep is an added advantage when it comes to service and repairs.”

Daisy’s is now due to take delivery of its first five-axle truck and dog before the year’s end. It will replace one of the company’s first PBS combinations, which has now travelled more than 1.2 million kilometres.

As Evan explains, the resale value of a Kenworth is another drawcard. “With a truck I purchased in 2010, I can do 1.2 million kilometres with very little trouble and then when it comes time to sell, I know I can still get half of my money back, whereas with a lot of other products I wouldn’t.”

When compared to the PBS-approved four-axle truck and dog combinations, the new five-axle version will be able to cart an additional four tonne per trip. It will be used to transport pebbles out of the company’s quarry in Bright, as well as carting fertiliser and soil through the north-east of Victoria. Painted in the brand’s signature yellow livery, it will also feature custom work by Klos Brothers in Geelong.

“Our trucks are our advertising tools, so presentation is really important,” adds Evan.

“We try and provide the best service we can and our trucks are part of that package. It always makes a good impression when you turn up to a job with a great looking truck.”

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