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Efficiently safe by a Landslide

  • From the April 2018 issue.
Efficiently safe by a Landslide

Developed with safety and efficiency in mind, the recently released Landslide tipper liner by MaxiTRANS is making light work of tough loads, allowing for quicker and easier discharge of product at a reduced tipping angle.

For owner and operator, Sam Giufre, the Landslide tipper liner has been proving its worth since he took delivery of a new Hamelex White 20-metre Performance-Based Standaards (PBS) approved rigid and four-axle dog combination. Operating a total of four tippers, the new combination delivered in mid-December last year is the first to be fitted with a tipper liner.

After several months in operation, Sam happily reports that the new liner has been living up to its expectations.

“We cart road base and it definitely slides out very quickly, so the Landslide liner works. The tipper is fitted with a five-stage hoist and we only need to go up 3 stages before the entire load hits the ground. The load just comes out so much faster,” says Sam.

By using the Landslide tipper liner, the tipper doesn’t need to be lifted as high as what is normally required, subsequently speeding up the tipping cycle, which saves time and increases efficiency. MaxiTRANS asserts that in some cases, it is possible to remove an entire stage from the hoist when the Landslide liner is installed.

With 30 plus years in the tipping game, Sam knows tippers and he knows them well. For the past five years, Sam has worked as a permanent contractor, carting quarry products all over Brisbane.

He purchased the Hamelex White rigid and four-axle dog tipper combination from Trailer Sales. Brisbane based, Trailer Sales is part of the MaxiTRANS Dealer Network – Australia and New Zealand’s leading network for new and used trailers, service, parts and repairs. “I have owned a Hamelex White tipper in the past, so I knew and trusted the product,” says Sam. He requested the Landslide tipper liner to be installed to meet site safety requirements with regards to safety, as it allows him to reduce the required tipping angle when unloading. Adding that industry leaders are continually searching for and improving safety features for their drivers as they strive to mitigate dangerous risks.
The key benefit of the Landslide liner is that it reduces the required tipping angle by up to 30 per cent when compared to a tipper with no liner installed. This reduces the tipper’s centre of gravity, providing a safer and more stable tipping platform. As a further safety benefit, the height of the tipped trailer is also lower, reducing the chance of it connecting with overhead obstacles.

Trailer Sales’ Hamelex White Salesperson, Hugh Carr, reveals that at least 10 trailers fitted with the Landslide liner have already hit the road around Brisbane alone since its release, with purchasers reporting some great feedback.

“Sam has had tippers for a long time and has been really impressed with his latest purchase. As well as the safety benefits, the other key difference with the Landslide liner is that it is affixed to the trailer using a unique method, which removes the need for rivets. The removal of rivets from the outside of the tub improves the aesthetics of the trailer and also means there are fewer catch points inside the tub, resulting in better product discharge,” explains Hugh.

Landslide also features inbuilt UV protection, ensuring that it has an optimum life in the harsh Australian sun.

In addition, the liner acts as a reinforcement of the trailer, helping to absorb many of the impact and abrasion effectsfrom materials being loaded and unloaded. This in turn protects the body from a large degree of wear and damage.

“This is the first tipper I’ve purchased with the Landslide liner fitted and if it continues to exceed expectations, I’ll definitely look at adding it to my other tippers too,” adds Sam.

According to MaxiTRANS, Landslide is the only proprietary tipper liner currently available in Australia that is sold directly from a trailer manufacturer, meaning the tipper and liner can be engineered in unison to ensure the ideal tip. Furthermore, due to it being a proprietary product, MaxiTRANS is able to install Landslide during the primary manufacturing process, rather than being installed after completion by a third party. This provides lead time and cost efficiencies that can be passed on to customers.

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