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Evolution of a Classic

  • From the July 2018 issue.
Evolution of a Classic

With a fleet made up exclusively of Maxi-CUBE Classic Refrigerated Vans, Detour Logistics has become one of the first transport businesses to put the latest generation of this popular model to work, with the purchase of four new Maxi-CUBE Refrigerated B-double combinations.

Based in the Victorian town of Silvan, the story of Detour Logistics started when Managing Director, Colin Beer, purchased his first truck in 2004. Today, he has grown his fleet to 20 B-doubles and 10 semi-trailers, which are used to cart temperature controlled freight along Australia’s
eastern seaboard.

Colin purchased his first Maxi-CUBE Classic van in 2006 and has been a loyal supporter of MaxiTRANS ever since. “All of our refrigerated trailers are Maxi-CUBE Classics,” he says. “They offer a lighter tare weight and great serviceability. It also means we get to unify our fleet, so from an operational perspective, everything is interchangeable.”

Detour Logistics prides itself on maintaining a modern fleet, with most of its equipment less than three years old. The company’s onsite workshop regularly inspects equipment to ensure it is kept in perfect condition. And the business maintains the same attention to detail when it comes to its freight. The trailers are  equipped with various refrigeration units including the Thermo King SLX400 and SB330, or Mitsubishi Pegasus, which all feature in-transit temperature monitoring and recording.

This latest purchase represents the first of the new model Maxi-CUBE Classics to join Detour Logistics’ fleet; after being officially launched onto the market by trailer OEM MaxiTRANS, in March this year.

The new Maxi-CUBE Classic includes a range of added features and improvements over the previous design including an optimised tare weight and a leading K-value achieved via a range of thermal efficiency upgrades.

“Through the use of composite material and improvements in modern manufacturing techniques, we have been able to further optimise the way in which we build the trailer, allowing us to increase the amount of insulation, while also reducing the trailer’s tare weight,” says Brett Smith, MaxiTRANS Area Sales Manager. “We’ve been able to reduce the tare weight by up to 250kg on a standard 22 pallet reefer, providing better payload and improved fuel efficiency, further reducing the whole of life cost of the trailer.”

The Classic uses Maxi-CUBE’s unique in-house cast to gauge urethane foam process. According to Brett, this process improves thermal performance by producing correctly sized panels without the need to cut or destroy important surface cells.

Also enhancing thermal performance is the inclusion of thermal breaks. This means a material with low thermal conductivity is inserted between internal and external materials to reduce the thermal path between the inside and outside temperatures, thus helping to keep cold air inside the trailer – where it’s needed.

Further thermal advantages are offered by a fully moulded door seal, a redesigned front wall and floor module, and fibreglass dress cappings to the interior corners.

Independent testing, validated in Australia’s only certified semi-trailer test chamber by SuperTest, member of the SuperCool group of companies based in Brisbane, has revealed a thermal efficiency improvement of over 5% on a standard 22 pallet reefer, when compared to the previous Classic model. This improvement translates to improved performance, integrity of carried product, as well as fuel efficiency for owners.

The new model features an update to a lightweight full width skid plate that enables drivers to unhook the trailer at sideways angles rather than straight on. This has further added to tare weight savings. The modular design of the skid plate also means it can be easily repaired or replaced if damaged, without affecting the integrity of the trailer floor. “The new skid plate design is the result of extensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA), accelerated fatigue and in-field testing, each of which have rigorously tested the strength and reliability of the design,” adds Brett.

Other upgrades to the Maxi-CUBE Classic include a reinforced floor and rear frame, a full length chassis from bumper to skid plate, an increased internal aperture, brighter LED lighting, and new double loader bars. “The new double loader bars are now 50% lighter over the previous design, making them easier to manoeuvre into position, which assists with better Work Health & Safety. We’ve also been able to increase the load rating from 500kg to 670kg per pallet space,” says Brett.

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