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Extra layer of safety

  • From the July 2018 issue.
Extra layer of safety

For tipper and special equipment manufacturer, Bulk Transport Equipment, the QuickSilver floor liner from E-Plas offers an additional layer of safety for its range of tipping trailers.

Bulk Transport Equipment (BTE) has long prided itself on the quality and durability of its range of trailers, and to ensure it maintains its high standards, the trailer OEM aligns itself with equipment suppliers that hold the same values.

The QuickSilver liner is developed by global plastics company Quadrant, who is responsible for making the product available within the Australian market; and E-Plas is the authorised Australian distributor.

BTE Director, Alan Griffiths, says the business has fitted the QuickSilver liner to the floors of its trailers for around four years. “QuickSilver has been in the industry for a long time and has a really good reputation. It’s what customers have come to know and we think it’s the best quality floor liner we can get, so that’s why we’ve stuck with it,” he says. “As a trailer OEM, it’s very important to choose the right suppliers. It’s not always about price, but about quality, service and the ability of our suppliers to best meet our needs.”

The seamless Quicksilver liner is made from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, and E-Plas says it is so durable it can outwear steel and aluminium. It helps to ensure a smooth unloading process for tipper applications by eliminating catch points.

Alan says he recommends the Quicksilver liner to any tipper customers carrying products that are prone to stick. “When customers are carting products that are a little sticky, they can get stuck around the hoist box at the front of the trailer, which increases the risk of the trailer tipping over. If the tipper body is up in the air with excessive product built up, the trailer becomes very top-heavy. When you combine that with tipping on a slope or excessive winds, it increases the risk of a rollover. Customers carting sticky products have a definite advantage in fitting a QuickSilver liner and in these sorts of applications, I think it should become mandatory.”

Due to its smooth surface, the Quicksilver liner ensures every inch of product is discharged from the trailer with ease. This also means that the trailer can be completely unloaded at a reduced tipping angle. “The trailer only needs to tip to a fraction of what is normally needed. Instead of having to lift the tipper body to the usual 47.5°, we are finding that the load is escaping at about 30°. If an operator is tipping on an environment that is quite soft or on an angle, it improves safety dramatically, especially on the bigger trailers,” explains Alan. “Aside from the safety benefits, it also speeds up the tipping operation as well, so from an efficiency point of view, the tipper isn’t having to be lifted as high and the product comes out quicker as the QuickSilver liner reduces friction substantially.”

At BTE, the QuickSilver liner has been most popular among customers purchasing five and six-axle dog trailers. “The longer trailers are the ones customers typically request to have this liner in. In our six-axle dog trailers, we really encourage customers to include it because it improves tipping safety a hell of a lot,” says Alan.

He adds that while the product is proving very popular among BTE’s longest trailers, the company is getting more and more requests to have the QuickSilver liner fitted to smaller trailers too. “There are a lot of the bigger companies specifying the liner on smaller trailers mainly for the safety aspect of not having to reach full height before the product is ejected.”

With the growing popularity of floor liners, as more operators recognise the safety benefits associated with their use, BTE now fits an average of two to three Quicksilver liners a week. As well as fitting the product to new trailers, BTE can also retrofit the product too. “If the floor of a trailer starts to show signs of wear, it is ideal to put a liner over the top to help extend the life of the trailer,” Alan says. He also reveals that many customers have been requesting the QuickSilver liner to act as a wear plate in abrasive applications, to help protect the floor of the trailer.

“The general feedback from customers is that the QuickSilver liners are fantastic and that they should have started using them ages ago. The liner helps to extend the longevity of the trailer by providing a sacrificial cover on the floor so any friction only wears the plastic, not the floor,” Alan explains.

In addition to the benefits offered to BTE’s customers, Alan points to the benefits of the product from a manufacturer’s point of view. “The material we bring in is already pre-scored, so it can be quickly and easily fitted to our trailers, going across the floor and around 400mm up the sides. By having the liners pre-scored, it reduces the number of hours it takes to fit the liner so we can get it installed a lot quicker.”

The QuickSilver liner is available in every state, through E-Plas’ nationwide network. In addition to the QuickSilver product, E-Plas has access to an extensive range of engineering and performance plastics from highly specialised manufacturers from around the world, including Quadrant EPP, Rochling Sustaplast, Guarniflon and Palram.

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