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Felco’s long lasting appeal

  • From the April 2015 issue.
Felco’s long lasting appeal

Drawing on four decades of expertise, Felco Manufacturing knows what it takes to design a tanker that can go the distance. From material choice to product design, it has found the right balance between keeping its clients happy and continuing to evolve its brand.

Talk to anyone at Felco Manufacturing about what it takes to be successful in Australia’s highly competitive commercial transport industry and they’ll tell you it boils down to two simple truths – time is money and tare weight is cost. Tim Wheeler, Managing Director of Felco Manufacturing, says that he understood those principles long ago.

“At Felco, we keep growing because we have learned to deliver a product that enables fleet operators to do more with the same resources and become more effective,” he states. “Our appeal has always centred on delivering a tanker that is light on tare weight, as it gives the customer the opportunity to load more per run. In today’s transport industry, the more they can load, the more the business achieves on a day-to-day basis - resulting in more profit. It’s the simple truth.”

The key to Felco’s success has been the use of a special composite fibreglass material, says Tim. “The good thing about fibreglass is that it’s robust, clean and repairable.

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