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  • From the July 2018 issue.
Forward-thinking companies

When looking at the most flexible high productivity fuel tanker combination, Hills Tankers have recently partnered with Tieman Tankers, for the innovative Performance-Based Standards–approved new 26m ‘Fuel Liner’.

Founded in 1960, Hills Tankers have evolved into one of Australia’s most forward-thinking fuel haulage businesses. With strategically located regional centres along the eastern and central freight corridors of Australia, Hills Tankers is well placed to respond to industry demand. Its customers are representative of major petroleum and resource companies in Australia and they deliver well over two and a half billion litres of fuel and lubricants every year.

Maximising safety is always front-of-mind for Tieman, when designing innovative tanker combinations. The new ‘Fuel Liner’ 26m not only achieves game-changing payload gains but, more importantly, is designed to optimise performance critically tracking safely at speeds up to 100km/h. The `Fuel Liner` is approved to operate on higher mass limit (HML) routes at 100km/h whereas 30m A-doubles are speed limited to 90 km/hr on HML routes.

Peter Blair, the General Manager of Hills Tankers, has been instrumental in seeing the current and future potential of the Tieman ‘Fuel Liner’ 26m. “In Brisbane, I have vehicles running 800km trips; when you do the maths, those extra ten kilometres an hour allowed for the 26m `Fuel Liner` improves the operational standards of the fleet in terms of managing fatigue as well as providing significant performance gains,” he says – explaining that the improved speed assists schedulers with optimising load deliveries. “The ‘Fuel Liner’ boasts a payload gain of over 20 per cent. While larger combinations, such as 30m tankers, have the capacity for bulk freight tasks, they are often problematic in terms of road access, flexibility, and therefore, efficiency.”

Thinking ahead, Tieman says the low profile tanker barrel designs also future proof the Hills Tanker investment as each barrel capacity will allow possible future increases in mass as road and rail infrastructure improves. Flexibility to carry both dangerous goods motor spirit or diesel – or a combination of both products with Tieman`s PBS design – offers Hills Tankers maximum fleet utilisation and flexibility to service its customers.

Hills Tankers have been selecting Hendrickson Intraax suspension for many years and have lately upgraded to Hendrickson MAXX22T trailer air disc brakes for on- and off-road applications.

The MAXX22T uses single piston disc brake technology for higher service life and reduced weight. The compact, lightweight mono-block caliper design features a sealed and protected guide pin system and is available with HXL 7 extended life wheel end systems for 10 stud 285 PCD and 335 PCD. Warranty support extends the appeal using HXL7 wheel ends for disc or drum brake fitment when used on sealed roads to a life of 1,200,000km or five years.

To gain route approvals at higher masses for the PBS ‘Fuel Liner’ Tieman tirelessly engaged with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), Roads and Maritime Services NSW, John Holland Rail and many local councils and shires for more than 12 months. Tieman thanks all stakeholders involved with this long but worthwhile process.

“Tieman have worked hard to get it right, highlighting immaculate attention to detail and a willingness to ensure long-term benefits through clever engineering,” Peter says. “Bringing another innovation to market first simply demonstrates again that Tieman are at the forefront of tanker manufacturing in Australia.”

Fast Fact
Hills Tankers offer commercial truck washing for the industry in Newcastle.
This state-of-the-art truck wash can assist fleets with keeping their trucks and trailers in pristine condition.

Fast Fact
Hills Tankers General Manager, Peter Blair, says he has not always been an advocate of Performance-Based Standards (PBS), explaining the decision to embrace this high productivity vehicle design only came after a Tieman Tankers commitment and demonstrated ability to deliver a complete solution. “Fuel haulage is a delicate business and the equipment we use must help us achieve the best possible outcome for our clientele, so there is a certain innovation pressure on us, if you will,” he said. “But, that doesn’t mean we follow every technology trend blindly. PBS can be incredibly useful to achieve that next level of productivity, but you must do your homework – you need an integrated approach; you need to innovate the smart way, which is why we partnered with Tieman.”

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