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Freighter Super B-doubles revealed

  • From the April 2017 issue.
Freighter Super B-doubles revealed

Thanks to a creative PBS collaboration between Freighter and VISA Global Logistics, the freight forwarding company can now carry two 40-foot containers on B-double routes – providing a huge productivity boost.

VISA Global Logistics prides itself on being unique. From its international freight forwarding business model to the equipment in its road transport fleet, each aspect of the company has something to point to as a VISA-only aspect. All together, it’s those distinctions from the norm that have enabled the company to grow into the third-largest container handling company in Australia.

In VISA’s fleet of trailers, a case in point is the company’s most recent development: two new 30m quad/tri Super B-double skel combinations manufactured by Freighter at its factory in Ballarat, Victoria. The new design is a re-imagination of the standard 26m B-double, which can usually carry one 20-foot container and one 40-foot container. Now, the elongated trailer combinations can carry two 40-foot containers – a 33 per cent productivity increase – while maintaining the same manoeuvrability as its predecessor.

“Lengthening the A-trailer to upgrade from a 20-foot container to a 40-foot container gives VISA a massive productivity gain,” explains Matthew Watson, NSW State Sales Manager at Freighter parent company, MaxiTRANS.

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