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From the world to the door

From the world to the door

MaxiTRANS has updated the final mile solution from its Peki truck body brand, strengthening the company’s end-to-end transport equipment portfolio from the dock to end-user.

As e-commerce and urbanisation change the face of road transport, operators have begun to review the last leg in the supply chain, reassessing their fleets and identifying opportunities to refine the composition. As the industry eases into a new era of ‘final mile’ commercial transportation, MaxiTRANS is at the forefront of rigid truck body innovation, according to MaxiTRANS General Manager – Products and Markets, Kevin Manfield.

Australian trailer manufacturer, MaxiTRANS, launched its new range of Peki truck bodies at the 2017 Brisbane Truck Show in May, showcasing its ability to supply truck bodies with a focus on performance and reliability, backed by one of the country’s widest support networks.

Between its two models, ‘Urban’ and ‘Classic’, the Peki truck body ranges in sizes from two to 16 pallets, is available in refrigerated or ambient hard-walled designs and comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. Kevin says that coupled with the industry’s broadest range of trailer products, the expansion of Peki’s product offering allows MaxiTRANS to service its customers’ transport equipment requirements from docks to distribution centres and end-users.

The new Peki Urban extends the Peki range into small truck bodies. With capacities from two to six pallets, the Urban has a fully bonded construction and features a low tare weight starting from just 620kg.

Kevin says that the stainless steel rear frame and galvanised subframe offer corrosion protection and additional durability that could extend the life of the bodies over two or three trucks. A multi-fit chassis runner adds to this capability, ensuring fast installation to most truck makes and models. The use of many modular components allows them to be removed and replaced if damaged, further extending potential body life.

“In addition to the standard Urban features, if you are looking for anything from side doors to bumper bars or internal shelving, we offer a large number of options to accommodate the end-user’s transport requirements,” says Kevin – adding that the options also extend to other hardware considerations such as door hardware, split temperature designs and modified body dimensions.

Peki also investigated options to improve temperature control for refrigerated cargo, Kevin adds. “Temperature control is one of the major considerations when carting perishables,” he says. “The fully bonded construction and composite fibreglass/foam floor come as standard. Combined with composite thermal break technology, temperature loss is reduced to a minimum.”

For larger bodies from 10 to 16 pallets, the existing Peki model, rebranded Peki Classic, remains available and is fully customisable in all aspects from body dimensions to unique models such as meat hangers and mobile libraries. “One of the major benefits of the Peki value proposition is our after-sales service and support capability,” says Kevin.
The after sales support is attributed to the MaxiTRANS Dealer Network, in association with MaxiPARTS, which Kevin says lays claim to 30 locations around Australia. “Whether you need spare parts, servicing or repairs, we have around 30 facilities to support our customers, nation-wide. Combined with our status as a publicly listed company, Peki owners can be sure that we will be here to support their investment whenever required over its life,” Kevin says.

“With low tare weight, optimisation for thermal performance and a leading support network, Peki is able to deliver bottom line savings to all businesses from small to large.”

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