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Full service offering

  • From the July 2019 issue.
Full service offering

Krueger Transport Equipment matches its innovative manufacturing acumen with its commitment to delivering exceptional after sales support and service.

Customers deserve better, especially when they spend millions of dollars on commercial vehicle fleets. For Krueger Transport Equipment patriarch, John Krueger, providing the best backup and after sales service is paramount to success.

“Suppliers don’t have the backup or service centres for their products and often rely on third party providers,” John Krueger says. “We have invested significantly in training staff, covering a list of technological developments from specialisation in Electronic Braking Systems (EBS) to trailer suspension servicing.”

As a testament to this ethos, Krueger Transport Equipment has made considerable investments in its state-of-the-art workshops, spare parts availability and hire trailers. Krueger also has a hire fleet with backup units to keep fleets moving, which is part of the overall service offering.

With more than four decades of knowledge and experience in trailer design and development, Kreuger Transport Equipment is poised to deliver built-for-purpose trailers with optimal suspension configurations.

Taking a hands-on approach to manufacturing hard wearing trailers – including Kurtainers, open decks, freezer vans and skels – the privately owned and operated business also offers a complete range of service and repairs.

Regular trailer servicing, according to Krueger, not only helps to minimise costly downtime due to breakdowns, it can also help to ensure equipment is performing at its best. Trailer maintenance services offered by Krueger include, but are not limited to, axle alignment, axle replacement, suspension repairs, straightening and re-cambering of axles, bearing replacement, brake adjustment and relining, laser wheel alignment and shock absorber replacement.

To complement this service, Krueger has a trailer pick up and drop off service, offering extended working hours to provide immediate engineering and technical backup where it may be urgently needed.

The trailer builder also provides same-day service and warranty evaluation and is proactively moving in the direction of providing a true one-stop-shop to negate the need for equipment owners to rely on third parties for warranty claims.

In line with this commitment, John has developed the only Australian-made suspension that is specifically tailored for Australian road conditions.

John says Road Friendly Suspension (RFS) is easy to install and has been operating on more than 10,000 semi-trailers over 
a two-decade period.

“Being wholly Australian-owned, we work closely with our customers to develop new designs, both tested and developed under local conditions, in a much shorter timeframe than imported brands can offer,” he says. “RFS carries the stamp of Government approval, under the Federal Government’s Australian Design Rules (ADR) requirements.”

Krueger continuously improves RFS to ensure optimal tare weight and improved equipment longevity. This dedication to innovation drives all areas of the business – the suspension is also fully supported by a national after sales network. RFS options also include axle capacity for highway use, heavy duty axles for road train applications and there is even capacity for an easy read weigh gauge system.

To enhance linehaul requirements, and to emphasise reliability and long-term durability, Krueger designed a one-million-kilometre warranty for its RFS. It is available with steel or alloy hubs. The hub has preset bearings, synthetic semi-fluid lubricant that allows for reduced service frequency.

The trailer builder continues to diversify its trailer build offering with its specialisation in disc brake axles, which offer light alternatives depending on the freight task.

Krueger also offers load restraint curtain retrofits, Slide-a-Gate retrofits, curtain replacement and repairs, curtain sider conversions, full refurbishments, rollover rebuilds, roadworthy inspections, sand blasting and painting, spring to air suspension conversions, B-double conversions – everything a modern road freight business looks for.

To cap it all off, Krueger provides full technical service and parts support via a dedicated national network. “We are now more committed than ever to strengthening customer relationships through continuous innovation and excellent customer service,” John says. “For everything from axles to brake systems, Krueger has it covered.”

Australian made and fit-for-purpose
John Krueger is well regarded for analysing trailer procurement strategies – ensuring fleet operators make the most of their road transport investments. “Whenever a client places a trailer order, Krueger will do its due diligence to ensure the equipment will be suitable for the intended freight task by asking the right questions,” he says. “With this information, the team at Krueger can draw on industry experience and engineering expertise to suggest trailer specifications that will best serve the needs of the business whether it be through lighter equipment to boost payload capacity or to ensure the truck-trailer combinations have access to the most efficient routes.”

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