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Fully compliant

  • From the June 2018 issue.
Fully compliant

With over four decades of manufacturing expertise, Krueger Transport Equipment provides state-of-the-art load restraint technology to optimise fleet productivity and operator safety.

Since 1976, Victorian trailer builder, Krueger Transport Equipment, has worked closely with commercial road transport businesses Australia-wide to enhance trailing equipment in the interests of achieving performance gains while operating under strict occupational health and safety (OH&S) guidelines.

For company patriarch, John Krueger, the industry as a whole has adapted its operational requirements, in line with the latest innovations in load restraint. “There has been a resurgence in terms of road transport businesses investing in equipment that is purpose-built for optimal load restraint,” he says. “Where numerous manufacturers rely solely on theoretical testing when developing load restraint equipment, the team at Krueger devotes significant time and effort in research and development via rigorous physical testing – and the results show.”

One of Krueger’s most prominent innovations in load restraint is its patented Slide-A-Gate system, which is designed with vehicle operator safety as a key priority. “The load restraint Slide-A-Gates are specified primarily for its OH&S benefits, ensuring the security of freight and minimising turn-around times for loading and unloading,” John says – adding that he invented the sliding post technology. “From a safety and performance point of view, the fluidity of manoeuvring and stacking makes it easier for a single driver to operate when opening and closing a curtain-sider fitted with the Slide-A-Gate system.”

John explains that the Slide-A-Gate design has been popular since its launch about a decade ago. “Today, there are thousands of Slide-A-Gate units in operation throughout Australia, which is a testament to its load restraint compliance in all states and territories. As this system is physically tested to satisfy load restraint requirements, vehicle operators benefit from trailing equipment that is configured for long-term, reliable and safe use.”

In addition to maximising pallet space, John says his team has also engineered an air-operated buckleless Lock’n’Load system as well as self-lifting gates for curtain-siders. “The key feature of the Lock’n’Load system is its air-operated, modular design,” he says. “Lightweight, high-strength carbon fibre sections are integrated directly into the curtain structure – eliminating the need for side gates, load binders and gate barriers, making it one of the safest and most productive systems in the market.”

Taking its forward-thinking technology even further, just last year, Krueger launched its ‘Quick Kurt’ high productivity curtain system – a reduced buckle solution. “Now, a standard 45-foot curtain-sider will feature just seven buckles per side, and even less on an A-trailer” John says. “This is a massive reduction from the standard 22 buckles and therefore dramatically reduces the amount of time and effort it takes to open and close the curtain.”

More importantly, John confirms that the OH&S benefits of the Quick Kurt high productivity curtain system is one of the most important areas of improvement for transport operators. “Protecting drivers and operators from repetitive strain injuries is a priority for every smart transport business, regardless if they have one trailer or a hundred trailers,” he says.

These major benefits in productivity and safety are possible without sacrificing any freight protection ability, John explains, as a newly designed Kevlar welded strap webbing runs both vertically and horizontally across the curtain, obtaining maximum tension with just seven buckles.

The curtain has been designed to provide tension from the top to the bottom so that when closed, it provides stiffness along the base of the curtain. This stiffness means the curtains no longer bunch underneath the buckle, resulting in a taut curtain that maintains its shape even against the combing over the wheels. “The design has also reduced curtain billowing when compared to a standard 22-buckle curtain, and is best suited for transport operators that use side gates or load binders to secure their freight,” John says – adding that the taut curtain also contributes to fuel efficiency for the vehicle.

“The curtains are tight to the side of the trailer, meaning there is a reduction in wind drag and less billowing in windy conditions,” John says. “This in turn reduces the fuel used per trip and improves freight protection, as our on-road tests have shown the Quick Kurt curtain system is effective in preventing dust and water ingress from the side coaming.”

To complete its load restraint offering, Krueger Transport Equipment carries its own selection of polished cast aluminium ratchets with retro brackets that can be fitted to a wide range of semi-trailers, and also releases new products on a regular basis. John says that road authorisation and enforcement agencies are satisfied with Krueger’s load restraint equipment. “Vehicle operators can contact our staff for advice on how to best optimise their road transport equipment with our load restraint offering.”

While fleets across the country continue to invest in tried and tested technologies that push performance and safety advantages, John says that his team will continue to lead the industry with a solid, evidence-based approach. “At the end of the day, it is the end-user, the vehicle operators that benefit from the latest in load restraint capabilities. By enhancing a fleet’s commitment to safety by supplying quality trailing equipment, it’s a bonus for that operation to reap the rewards of increased performance.”

Fast Fact
Krueger Transport Equipment offers a comprehensive selection of load-restraint optimised technologies including its patented Slide-A-Gate system, air-operated Lock’n’Load system, self lifting gates, the ‘Quick Kurt’ high productivity curtain as well as the EZI Autodeck – auto self locking deck.

(Image: The Slide-A-Gate system is physically tested to be compliant with load restraint requirements.)

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