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Global appeal

  • From the November 2018 issue.
Global appeal

For over three years, Canada’s Titan Trailers has maintained a solid reputation for providing Australia’s waste hauliers with robust, specialised trailing equipment.

Titan Trailers CEO, Mike Kloepfer, says the family business is thriving, following a $10.8 million state-of-the-art facility upgrade, effectively doubling production capacity in Ontario. He explains that his team of 250-plus specialists are focused on lighter-weight aluminium trailer builds, utilising in-house robotic technology and other innovations (see breakout box) to ramp up productivity from 800 units to its annual target of 1,200 units.

“Titan is an industry leader in innovation,” Mike says. “Trailers designed and manufactured by Titan consistently outperform the competition due to their weight and fuel savings advantages. Also, Titan’s trailers have a successful and well-earned reputation as being extremely durable, optimised for vehicle operator safety and require less maintenance, meaning more road time and increased profitability to the trucking companies that utilise them.”

Over the past three years, waste management companies such as Repurpose It (see breakout box) have boosted productivity by adding Titan Trailers’ range of specialised bulk haulage equipment to their fleets.

A  trip to Australia in September had Mike consider leaving behind the Thinwall Trailer import business, which was managed exclusively by a third party in Mount Gambier. During his recent travels, he criss-crossed 5,000km of Australia’s landscape to meet the fleet operators that actively use Titan trailers and to re-evaluate the business. 

“It was a complete 180-degree turnaround. We would check in on some long-term customers and the feedback was along the lines of ‘this is the greatest thing since sliced bread’,” he says – explaining that he saw the fit his products have in Australia and felt the pull to stay. Now, Titan Trailers Canada will be holding the reins in Australia under the Thinwall Trailers name and will continue to assemble, service and support products from the Mount Gambier area. The model for Australia will be similar to the UK delivery model where Titan Trailers Canada exports semi-assembled trailers for assembly abroad.  This unique and cost-effective manner of building trailers shows again Titan’s unique, innovative style.

Titan has already done its homework on incorporating the Australian Design Rules (ADR) for A-doubles, B-doubles and road train configurations for walking floor, tipper and belly dump trailers. However, more designs like compactor and other specialty trailers are waiting to join the suite of products that Titan can offer to the Australian market.

Fast Fact
Titan Trailers has significantly expanded its main production site in Ontario, Canada, with a newly built 8,600m2 shop which  features heated shop floors, overhead LED lighting, an acid wash bay with vinyl covered walls as well as a sophisticated water filtration system and an expansive south sloping roof design set up for the future installation of solar panels.  Since the build, Titan has acquired another 25,000m2 facility which doubles their shop floor space in Canada.

Fast Fact
Victoria-based start-up, Repurpose It, has invested in Titan Trailers’ Garbage Galosh Walking Floor trailers to bolster its advanced waste processing requirements. Earlier this year, Repurpose It Director, Anthony Van Schaik, told Trailer Magazine that his fleet requires versatile road transport equipment to manage a variety of bulk materials. “As a specialist in waste management, Repurpose It regularly carts demolition, green and transfer waste as well as landscaping materials and scrap metal throughout Victoria and interstate, which means it needs to utilise heavy vehicle equipment that is spec’d for the freight task,” he said – adding that the integrated moving floor systems are also ideal for ensuring efficient unloads and improved vehicle operator safety. “The process of loading and unloading a trailer can be tedious – time-consuming if the driver has to manually clean the trailer out. The moving floors shift bulk materials from the front to the rear, via mechanical slats, to automate the process.”

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