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Going the extra mile

Going the extra mile

Peki has further boosted its rigid body offering by adding to its existing Classic and Urban ‘final mile’ lines. The Distribution range combines the best features of earlier Peki models with modern inclusions coupled with a robust design that fits the bill for transport company, PK Refrigerated Logistics & Services.

It’s a vital step in the supply chain, the so-called ‘final mile’ where goods are delivered to their final destination, often by smaller trucks that don’t always receive the same attention as their larger siblings.
But for companies like PK Refrigerated Logistics & Services, final mile deliveries are the life-blood of their operation and having reliable equipment is paramount.

Therefore, it makes sense that the company would turn to highly experienced rigid body producer, Peki, for its latest refrigerated
body procurement.

Part of the extensive MaxiTRANS group, Peki manufactures a wide range of bodies, specialising in rigid bodies often used for final mile deliveries. Its range of rigid bodies now includes three distinct lines: the Urban for light-duty applications including e-commerce and metropolitan deliveries, A fully customisable premium offering with the Peki Classic, available in sizes up to sixteen pallets. And now, slotting neatly in between, the newly announced Distribution series, which comes in a range of standard sizes encompassing six to fourteen pallet configurations. The addition of the Distribution model to the range now gives operators more flexibility to find a solution suited to their needs. 
A number of key features of the Distribution series, available in refrigerated and ambient forms, show Peki’s intent to supply a robust and durable product to the medium-duty rigid body market.

Things like rear barn doors with galvanised steel lock-rod door hardware, internal safety door opening and multi-lip seals; galvanised rear frame; LED clearance lights; wide anodised aluminium extrusions; moulded plastic mud guards; fibreglass scuff bands; multi-fit chassis runner and galvanised sub frame, are all included as standard. In addition, there is an extensive list of optional equipment enabling customisation of the Distribution body to suit specific freight tasks.

“The galvanised rear frame and subframe offer corrosion protection and additional durability that could extend the life of the bodies over two or three trucks,” says Peki Area Sales Manager, Ewan Geals. “A multi-fit chassis runner adds to this capability, ensuring fast installation to most truck makes and models.” He adds that the use of many modular components allows them to be removed and replaced if damaged, further extending potential body life.

Peki is focused on delivering optimal performance, improving temperature control for refrigerated cargo.

“Temperature control is a major consideration when carting perishables,” Ewan says. “The fully bonded construction of Peki Distribution combined with composite thermal break technology, reduce thermal loss through mechanical fastenings and joints, maximising thermal advantages.”

Owned by Paul Kamande, PK Refrigerated Logistics & Services was started with a single refrigerated Iveco van in 2007, driven by Paul himself, and has since grown to include 14 temperature-controlled body trucks working from a cold storage facility based at Dandenong, Victoria.

Four of these, including the latest Distribution 14-pallet unit, are Peki bodies, the first having been purchased in 2009.

According to Paul, there are several reasons why the latest Peki Distribution body was chosen. Typically, strength of build and customisation come to the fore.

“Generally, I’ve found the Peki bodies to be very solidly built and the team at MaxiTRANS knows the requirements of my business,” he explains. “When I work with them to build a body, it’s specifically designed to cater for my business in terms of durability and suitability for the application. They are built to last, we expect each body to be fitted to two cab chassis units.”

The business specialises in fresh and frozen deliveries of meat, poultry, dairy and seafood throughout country Victoria, a high kilometre operation that demands a lot from both truck and driver. Paul says it’s for this reason he has standardised on equipment that is not only up to the task but also that makes life easier for his team of dedicated professional drivers. 
“All the rigid bodies have freezer capacity, rated down to -29 degrees Celsius, and I’ve found that they hold the temperature quite well,” he says. “We only use Thermo King refrigeration plants due to their reliability and ease of operation from a drivers point of view.”

Uniformity also extends to the brand of truck, with Hino used across the board. The range includes 300 and 500 Series with the latest unit being an FL Wide Cab 500 Series.

As the conversation continues, Paul reveals the close association his company has had with Peki dating back to 2009.

“When we built our first rigid truck body with Peki in 2009, we wanted a strong floor for drive-in forklift loading and unloading,,” he says. “Finding a solution called a distribution floor, we then specified that system in every subsequent body that we’ve had built since.”
“We take great pride in the presentation of our brand and we appreciate the extra effort Peki has put into making this Distribution body not only look great but have all the features and strength we need for our business moving forward.

“Peki really does go the extra mile to give us the best product for our business application.”

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