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Gough and CTE team up for future growth

  • From the November 2012 issue.
Gough and CTE team up for future growth

Flexibility and diversity best come to mind when talking about Gough Transport Solutions, who do more than just supply hydraulic components to the transport market. Coastal Transport Engineering (CTE) is one beneficiary of that versatility and is more than happy to vouch for one the country’s leading transport equipment companies.

In 2010, Chad Stewart established CTE, a trailer building business in Albany, Western Australia, one of the strongest agricultural capitals in the country. Until today, developing suitable, quality transport equipment is a high priority for Chad, but he is also aware of the need to constantly improve his game, as stagnation is no option for him.

“We are a young company that takes great pride in producing high quality road haulage applications, built from quality components and across a range of industries,” he says. “Whether it’s the agricultural, mining, earthmoving or wood chipping industry, our goal is to have that flexibility to suit any requirement regardless of the work environment.

CTE is able to custom-build any type of trailer, from side and end tippers, flat tops, low loaders, rigids and general truck bodies. Chad and the team also conduct repairs and retrofits for those trailers and design suitable dollies. “Around 60 per cent is dedicated to repair work and 40 per cent to new production, that means on average we’ll manufacture about 10 trailers a year,” Chad says, who has a clear vision when it comes to planning a new tipper design.

“When we design a tipper, we place high value on quality hydraulics as they make or break the whole project. That’s where Gough come into play. We were the first company in Australia to utilise Gough’s Penta side tipper cylinders, which we now recommend to fit on all tippers.”

According to Gough, each Penta cylinder is premium-built to withstand Australia’s harsh conditions. All polyurethane seals ensure a leak-free cylinder and long service life.

“The quality of steel as well as the welding are extremely important to the integrity of the cylinders since they are put under a lot of stress from constant extending and retracting,” Chad explains, adding that it is Gough’s commitment to after sales service that made all the difference when deciding on a brand. “To date, Gough play a pivotal role in the continued growth of our business,” he says.

“Gough helped us get the most of our designs, be it the bulk-haulage side tipper range for the wood chipping industry or our low loaders for the heavy haulage industry. We also use their OMFB tipping valves, controls and pumps, and Westinghouse air brake systems pneumatic braking kits for all our trailers, so they have become a true one-stop-shop for us as a business.”

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