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Hamelex White delivers new Jumbo Loaders

  • From the November 2016 issue.
Hamelex White delivers new Jumbo Loaders

During the six-month-long sugar cane harvest, SCT Logistics runs a unique 24-7 transport model that requires specific equipment. After being approached to assist, Hamelex White engineered a safe and rugged solution for the non-stop job.

From June to December, the sugar cane season is in full swing, a full half year where the crops are plentiful and in need of harvesting. During that time, a division of a national multimodal transport and logistics specialist, SCT Logistics, has developed a uniquely efficient collection method that makes the most of every minute.

In the fields of over 300 farms from the Queensland border to Grafton, New South Wales, harvesters work the daylight hours collecting the sugar cane and depositing it in over 400 specially designed empty bins that rest in the paddock. From there, the bins are picked up by one of 38 Hamelex White Jumbo Loaders, which function similarly to a hooklift trailer but with one important difference – the ability to tip.

The tipping ability is crucial for the efficiency of the task, as the Jumbo Loaders carry the sugar cane to one of three mills, and tip the bin into the crushing plant for processing. From there, they head back to the paddock, where they deposit the now-empty bin and pick up another full one that is ready and waiting for its trip to the mill.

For the last 12 years, SCT has been able to run the complicated operation like clockwork 24 hours a day thanks to the unique design of the Hamelex White Jumbo Loaders.

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