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Hamelex White’s innovative woodchip bins

  • From the January 2015 issue.
Hamelex White’s innovative woodchip bins

Porthaul’s James Williamson has been in transport long enough to know that you have to continually push the boundaries to achieve productivity gains. This approach was evident in the company’s latest purchase of 12 specialised woodchip bins by Hamelex White, running as Performance Based Standard units.

Working in the vast blue gum plantations surrounding Portland, some 360 kilometres west of Melbourne’s CBD, the vehicle in question is a Hamelex White quad-quad Super B-double that has been designed and specially built for bulk and civil transport company, Porthaul.

To most of the public, who come across one of these vehicles on the local roads or offloading its bins full of woodchips on the Portland tipping platform, it appears similar to many other trailers, but the team at Porthaul knows that this concept is special.

“These are the first Super B-double quad-quad combinations to run outside metropolitan regions. The productivity benefits are extraordinary and we are delighted at the results we are getting at the moment”, says James Williamson, Porthaul’s Contracts Manager and son of the company’s founder, Brian.

Part of James’ daily work includes overseeing the company’s forestry division, which handles the transportation of up to two million tonnes of logs and woodchip from Victoria’s ‘Green Triangle’, the largest wood plantation region in the country.

Talking to James, you quickly get the sense that this family-owned company is not your average country town business. With 140 employees on the books and operating on a tight 24/7 schedule, it is firmly set on keeping up with Australia’s ever-evolving transport market.

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