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Keeping it cool

  • From the March 2018 issue.
Keeping it cool

Quality Transport Refrigeration Services partnered with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems to expand its dealer network, supporting the sales and maintenance of Mitsubishi refrigeration units for trucks and trailers Australia-wide.

Quality Transport Refrigeration Services (QTRS) has worked extensively over the past two years to expand the dealer network for Mitsubishi transport refrigeration products. With QTRS being the Australian Distributor and area dealer for Victoria and Tasmania, QTRS has also reached out to other industry specialists including Australian Transport Equipment (ATE) in New South Wales and C&C Transport Refrigeration in South Australia.

QTRS is presently in discussions with current MTH service and repair agents in other states, to evolve from being MTH sub-agents, and join the dealer network group as their respective state dealer.

In New South Wales, ATE was founded by Managing Director Sim Hatchell in mid-2017, and while ATE is a new player, he is well known in the transport refrigeration industry after spending the last 15 years earning his stripes.

Sim recognised that Mitsubishi refrigeration units needed local support to bring their ‘world-class’ products to the New South Wales market. Temperature-controlled freight businesses around Australia face fierce competition and are always looking for an edge that defines them, according to Sim. “It’s important to understand the needs of the customer, particularly in relation to operating costs and reliability.” Mitsubishi units offer that edge through performance, reliability and lower life-cycle running costs,” he says – adding that the importance of quality is essential when choosing refrigeration units to cart freight over long distances in the extremely erratic Australian climate. “The one thing a reefer operator depends on, especially during a heat wave, is maintaining their products at the correct temperature, Mitsubishi delivers on that front.”

Sim says that Mitsubishi refrigeration units do perform better in the harsh Australian climate comparative to the other major brands, which is vital when hauling cargo like fruit, vegetables, ice cream and other perishables. “ATE joined the MTH dealer network to grow the national support for Mitsubishi refrigeration units. This relationship now gives Refrigerated Fleets the comfort of having seamless support across Australia’s busiest freight corridors.”

Sim says that the niche refrigerated transport industry comes with its own set of unique requirements, which is ideal considering Mitsubishi has the most diverse range of refrigerated products available. This helps his business assist fleets with choosing the best refrigeration option for their practical application.

Meanwhile in South Australia, Chris Williams, who started in the transport refrigeration industry in 1995 and now has 23 years industry experience under his belt, has also joined forces with MTH as the South Australian dealer.

For the past 10 years, Chris has been the Managing Director of C&C Transport Refrigeration. Chris says that just like the other dealers, his team repairs and services a variety of refrigeration brands on trailers and rigid-bodied combinations, including Mitsubishi units.

“As a testament to the reliability and efficiency of Mitsubishi’s refrigeration units, I haven’t needed to perform any breakdown services on trailers spec’d with that gear,” he says – adding that in his ten years of business, that is an incredible feat. “I am proud to be associated with the Mitsubishi brand, so much so that I joined the dealer network for MTH products, just on two years ago.” However, Chris’s first experience with MTH products was about 7 years ago as an agent to QTRS, Chris made his first sale of the Mitsubishi TD22 model, it was the reliability and performance of this one unit that made Chris more than willing to join QTRS in representing MTH as the dealer for South Australia.

C&C have gone on to sell many more Mitsubishi Refrigeration units for trucks and trailers in South Australia to a variety of customers and is quickly gaining a reputation as the go-to place for the best products and best service in Adelaide.

According to Chris, refrigerated transport businesses and trailer manufacturers depend on speed-to-market, especially when dealing with custom spec’d commercial refrigerated transport equipment. “One of the reasons C&C & ATE agreed to join QTRS in the MTH dealer network, was the immediate availability of MTH refrigeration stock here in Australia.”

The pooled resources and industry experience of QTRS, ATE and C&C Transport Refrigeration helps shorten lead times and enables their combined customer network, to keep their refrigerated gear on the road.

Chris expressed that “time is everything” in this game, “Even if that difference is a matter of hours or days, it can make a positive impact in the industry and to our customer base.”

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