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Krueger Freezer B-double powers All Road Transport

  • From the March 2017 issue.
Krueger Freezer B-double powers All Road Transport

All Road Transport has put its first Krueger Freezer B-double combination to work, with the company already benefitting from the combination’s versatile features.

Australian commercial road transport is full of inspiring stories of one man, one truck and one trailer start-ups that have gone on to establish a viable presence in the industry. The narrative is slightly different for young Melbourne-based business, All Road Transport, yet the foundation for future success remains on track.

Led by co-Directors, Kevin Paul and Goran Langovski, All Road Transport is just entering its fifth year of existence under the guidance of two great friends that each boast up to 20 years of transport experience. Prior to forming All Road Transport, Kevin operated a dry freight business, while Goran plied his trade in refrigerated transport. Seeing an opportunity to make their own mark in the industry together, Kevin and Goran amalgamated their respective businesses into All Road Transport, with a focus on servicing Australia’s cold chain logistics market.

The latest addition to All Road’s fleet is a new B-double Krueger refrigerated van, picked up in December 2016. It combines Krueger’s latest sleek and low tare chassis technology with Schmitz Cargobull’s thermal insulated bodies that are imported and assembled in Krueger’s new state of the art manufacturing facility dedicated to van production in Truganina.

The walls of the B-double, which happens to be All Road Transport’s first Krueger and Schmitz Cargobull combination, are made from Schmitz Cargobull’s famous ‘Ferroplast’ panel. “It’s a thermally efficient panel that preserves the integrity of all perishable loads with insulated sheets,” Goran says. “The B-double has also been fitted with Carrier Vector units – the 1550 model on the A-trailer, and the 1950 one on the B-trailer.”

He adds, “The trailer has special insulated sheeting over the walls that helps prevent condensation. The insulation holds the temperature in, which at times is required to be -28°C.”

According to All Road Transport, the idea behind choosing Schmitz Cargobull started abroad. “A year or so after starting the business, I was travelling through Europe and the reefers I kept seeing on the roads were made by Schmitz Cargobull,” Goran recalls. “I was intrigued by the brand and considered it as an option for future purchases.”

The B-double’s interior features were what caught the attention of its new owners. “Schmitz Cargobull fitted retractable double loader bars that the driver can simply pull down and lock into stacker bars along the side walls,” Kevin describes.

“This allows us to stack pallets, enabling us to double the load up to 68 pallets on any given delivery. If the loader bars aren’t needed, then the driver simply lifts them up and the bars will lock onto the ceiling, much like how a roller door works.

“It’s a very user-friendly system that doesn’t require the driver to manually lift or connect the bars, which can result in injuries. In addition, traditional loader bars are detachable and prone to getting lost at distribution centres, which makes replacing them a costly exercise. In the Schmitz Cargobull spec, the bars are built into the trailer.

“The current B-double looks amazing from a build quality perspective, right down to subtle features such as the LED lights inside the trailer. That’s why we have ordered a second Krueger B-double, due to be delivered next month.”

With its strategy and fleet equipment in motion, All Road Transport believes it has the foundation to become a major player in Australia’s cold chain logistics market. “2017 is another major stepping stone for us as we plan on establishing All Road Transport’s own storage and distribution facilities,” Kevin says. “Once Goran and I round out our fleet, then business expansion will be the next objective, and we’ll do so as a team.”

Fast Fact: Transport signange specialist, Total Fleet Imaging, worked around the clock to prepare the new Krueger Freezer B-double.

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