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Krueger PBS made easy

  • From the December 2018 issue.
Krueger PBS made easy

Victorian trailer builder, Krueger Transport Equipment, tailors its Performance-Based Standards designs to help fleet operators achieve significant payload gains and operational efficiencies.

Earlier this year, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) reported that there were 7,000 Performance-Based Standards (PBS) applications approved for use on Australian roads, with clear exponential growth seen since 2011. This high productivity scheme, which first began in 2007, showed significant penetration, according to Sal Petroccitto, CEO of the NHVR. “The PBS scheme has developed into a world-leading program for which the entire Australian heavy vehicle industry can be very proud,” he said. “It’s led to improved safety outcomes such as 46 per cent fewer crashes than conventional vehicles, per kilometres travelled and major productivity gains, saving more than 320 million truck kilometres on Australian roads between 2014 and 2017.”

The increasing uptake of PBS–approved semi-trailers coincides with this push for better productivity outcomes for fleet operators, which is why John Krueger, the owner of Krueger Transport Equipment, works closely with his customers and collaborates with the country’s top industry consultants to design and manufacture cost-effective, sustainable and efficient trailing equipment.

“Fleets are more conscious than ever of the importance of investing in PBS combinations,” John says – explaining that Krueger has the in-house expertise and professional network to help its customers through every step of the process.

“There are a lot of factors, tests and guidelines to consider when designing trailer combinations under the PBS high productivity scheme. Our specialist PBS engineering staff are ready to assist with existing PBS approvals and new designs that will integrate with prime movers.”

John is well regarded for analysing trailer procurement strategies – ensuring fleet operators make the most of their road transport investments. “Whenever a client places a trailer order, Krueger will do its due diligence to ensure the equipment will be suitable for the intended freight task by asking the right questions,” he says. “With this information, the team at Krueger can draw on industry experience and engineering expertise to suggest trailer specifications that will best serve the needs of the business whether it be through lighter equipment to boost payload capacity or to ensure the truck- trailer combinations have access to the most efficient routes.”

John emphasises that fleets should not feel as though they are locked in with their current suppliers. “Interchangeability allows for more options with trailer-truck combinations so that fleet operators can get the most value out of their road transport assets,” he says. “With PBS optimisation, the productivity gains are an additional bonus.”

Last year, there was a notable area of growth in the PBS skel space, with road authorities providing greater access for PBS-approved A-double and Super B-double skels in the Victorian arterial network, and at Port Botany in Sydney. More recently, the NHVR, in collaboration with the Queensland Trucking Association, developed a notice for PBS A-doubles between Toowoomba and the Port of Brisbane, eliminating the need for permits for combinations operating at masses up to 79.5 tonnes (General Mass Limits) or up to 81.5 tonnes (Concessional Mass Limits).

John says that road access decisions are welcome news for industry, container-hauling fleets and trailer builders, as the productivity benefits from the extended access are substantial. He works diligently to ensure route and permit approvals are as seamless as possible.

Empowered by tried-and-tested engineering superiority, and on top of the latest developments in PBS permits and approval processes, Krueger Transport Equipment is a trailer manufacturer that is always ready to provide fleets with state- of-the-art and efficient builds, including ‘weight saver’ skels.

Another trailer design that maximises lightweight engineering and high-strength materials is the ‘Kurtainer’ – a curtainsider that can be adapted for diverse freight requirements. John says that this trailer design not only improves vehicle operator productivity but also has key safety features to ensure ease-of-use for the curtains.

“Krueger’s PBS offering covers our entire trailer range from container haulage to general freight,” John says. “At the end of the day, we help the road transport industry invest in quality equipment to be more productive and profitable. By implementing interchangeable options to maximise fleet potential, everybody wins.”

(Image L-R: Sales Director Grant Krueger, John Krueger and General Manager Grant Douglas.)

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