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Lean refrigeration machine

  • From the March 2018 issue.
Lean refrigeration machine

Maxi-CUBE refrigerated trailer has given Southern Transport Equipment a competitive edge in the meat cartage industry.

As a specialist in refrigerated trailers, Maxi-CUBE has an ongoing commitment to product development. Kevin Manfield, General Manager – Products and Markets at MaxiTRANS, explains that his team is focused on providing the most efficient and serviceable reefers for heavy-duty use Australia-wide.

According to Kevin, the Maxi-CUBE reefer design is being independently tested in line with Australian Standard AS4982, which outlines stringent requirements for thermal conductivity and efficiency, measuring its K-value (see breakout box).

“The testing criteria is detailed, and as a business invested in leading the industry with optimal refrigerated transport equipment, it is important for our designers and engineers to measure ourselves against industry standards.

This ensures we meet and exceed ours and our customers’ expectations,” Kevin says.

“The Maxi-CUBE reefer features tare weight advantages without compromising the integrity of the trailer, while also offering fleet operators a product that manages to maintain precise temperature ranges when carting perishables over long distances.

“We have been testing our Maxi-CUBE trailer performance against other Australian and imported products and the results so far have been very pleasing,” Kevin says, adding that the Maxi-CUBE holds its temperature exceptionally well.”

Looking to reduce operating costs while running quality refrigerated transport equipment, Robert Hawthorn, owner of Southern Refrigerated Transport, depends on Maxi-CUBE reefers to distribute meat and other produce. The depot is based in Strathmerton, Victoria, but its fleet of 16 Maxi-CUBE reefers engages in freight tasks across Brisbane and Sydney, servicing the needs of abattoirs, supermarket chains and other freight businesses.

According to Robert, the Maxi-CUBE is a great overall package, but the most important aspects of the trailer design is its optimised tare weight and thermal performance, which are crucial factors when carting temperature-sensitive cargo. “The Maxi-CUBE is lighter compared with similar trailers in the market, allowing for greater performance and fuel efficiency,” he says – adding that the Maxi-CUBE holds it temperature, which is important to maintain the integrity of its products.

Mitigating downtime is another factor that Robert says is a crucial fleet consideration. “Loading a standard semi-trailer was a significant challenge for us. Vehicle operators would need to manually adjust meat-hanging rails. The standard process of loading and unloading those rails would typically require two operators and could take as long as half an hour to complete, but the new air-operated rails that the Maxi-CUBE has allows the fleet to be very productive, reducing that load time to a mere 30 seconds.”

Kevin says that the Maxi-CUBE design offers superior structural integrity necessary for heavy-duty use. “As reefers are often used at dock sites, with fork lifts loading and unloading pallets of goods, there are many modular parts on a Maxi-CUBE to ensure minimal downtime when components require servicing, repair or replacement.”

Robert is elated with the service that MaxiTRANS provides. “Whether my team needs technical support during the day or after-hours, one phone call is all it takes to get results. Overall, the Maxi-CUBE is an impressive product, and its optimal thermal performance combined with pristine presentation, driver usability and modular serviceability make it perfect for our business.

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