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Less is more

  • From the July 2018 issue.
Less is more

For DNK Towns, Carrier’s X4 Series units have provided a cost effective and reliable solution to the company’s refrigerated transport needs.

As a contractor to a primary producer in the south-west of New South Wales, Daryl Towns of DNK Towns seeks out equipment that is built to go the distance.

Having previously worked with tippers, Daryl moved across to refrigerated transport after he was given the opportunity to cart freight for a primary producer in 2013.

Based in Wonthaggi in Victoria, DNK Towns carts predominantly out of the Riverina, to customers in Melbourne.

Daryl currently operates three Kenworth T909 prime movers, all purchased from Hallam Truck Centre, which are used to tow a B-double and two single refrigerated vans, with the most recent addition due to be delivered before the end of July and put straight to work. Built by Southern Cross Trailers, each of the trailers features a Carrier X4 7500 refrigeration unit.

“I only use Carrier units on my trailers,” says Daryl, who takes great pride in his small, but pristine fleet. “They are cost effective, meaning they are cheaper to run. They offer great fuel economy, they run quietly and Carrier’s aftersales service has been great.”

Carrier’s ultra-high efficiency X4 Series has been designed to offer superior performance and efficiency. With lower fuel consumption, lower maintenance costs and weight savings when compared to its predecessors, the range delivers better levels of performance, while using less power. It is also EPA Tier 4 compliant.
“Along with emissions compliance, the X4 Series offers the highest refrigeration capacities ever delivered by Carrier Transicold trailer units, combined with lower fuel consumption, lower maintenance costs, lighter weight and quieter operation than our prior platform,” says Kelly Geddes, Marketing Manager at Carrier Transicold Australia.

The X4 Series includes the 7500, as used by DNK Towns, as well as the 7300 single temperature belt-driven models. They provide 68,000 and 66,000 BTU of cooling respectively, at a set point of 2°C.
“Our new X4 Series uses significantly less engine power, fuel and refrigerant while still achieving higher refrigeration capacities and faster pulldown than our previous models,” adds Kelly.

“Proportionately, the greatest fuel savings come when the units are operating under the most demanding circumstances,” Kelly says. “For example, when hauling frozen loads in higher-ambient temperatures, fuel savings of up to 22 percent, compared to earlier Carrier Transicold models, are possible.” 

According to Carrier, the X4 Series is so efficient, it can achieve 35 to 50 per cent more watts of cooling per litre of fuel, at AHRI rating conditions, than previous Carrier units they replace.

“Individual components, such as the engine, work less and consume less to produce greater results in a straight-forward design,” adds Kelly.

When compared to the previous X2 models (the 2100 and 2500), the X4 units are 13 kilograms lighter, provide a 3-10% higher cooling capacity, achieve up to 20% faster pulldown, consume between 5-22% less fuel over a range of operating conditions, require 24% less refrigerant, and operate at up to 18% slower speeds, reducing engine runtime by up to 15%.

“Ultra-high efficiencies reduce engine fuel consumption, and the greater cooling capacities help the units achieve set point faster and shut off sooner in start/stop mode. This saves even more fuel, reducing engine run hours as well as runtime-based maintenance expense,” adds Kelly.

Since starting his refrigerated transport business, Daryl has been a loyal supporter of Carrier. “I’ve been using the X4 Series since the beginning. When I purchased each of my trailers, I bought the refrigeration units directly through Carrier. I take them there to get serviced and they look after me, even at short notice, and fix anything that needs to be fixed straight away. Their call-out service has been good, even when I am up near Griffith, they are prompt to fix any problems. But apart from regular servicing, they have never really needed much maintenance,” says Daryl.

“I’ve built a really good relationship with Carrier. Even though I have a small company, they have always been really good to deal with. And that’s why I’ve stuck by them.”

Fast Fact
Carrier’s X4 platform was designed with efficiency in mind. Using a large-displacement 2.2-litre engine equipped with enhanced sensors and an electronic control module, the engine continually communicates with the unit’s APX Control System to optimise performance and eliminate wasted power. X4 engines therefore operate using fewer run hours at lower speeds, to help enhance durability and reliability.

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