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Lifting the game

  • From the October 2018 issue.
Lifting the game

AA Diesel Truck Bodies prides itself on its craftsmanship and attention to detail; and to cater to its hydraulic needs, the business relies on JOST, which continues to deliver on quality and reliability.

Established in 2001 by Arnel Siskovic and his father Alija, AA Diesel Truck Bodies is based in the Dandenong area of Victoria – servicing customers and dealerships throughout Victoria, as well as Sydney
and Adelaide.

“AA Diesel Truck Bodies is a family business that is run by my father and I,” Arnel says. “We came here as refugees in 1996 and started out doing diesel mechanical repairs, then eventually moved into building truck bodies, using the past experience my father had from overseas.”

Arnel and Alija quickly discovered that the demand from their customers for building truck bodies outweighed the demand for repairing trucks. Before long, the manufacturing side of the business took over, with the business now producing a wide range of truck bodies including tippers, flat tops, dog trailers and wheel base extensions; though tippers make up the majority of its work.

“Tippers are our main focus. About 80 per cent of our business is centered around building tipper bodies. Last year we manufactured 260 tipper bodies, this year we are expecting it to reach 300. Our tipper division has continued to grow year-on-year. We have found there is more demand for tipper bodies now, and the business has grown too,” Arnel explains.

Once AA Diesel Truck Bodies began producing tipper bodies, it wasn’t long before the business began specifying JOST’s range of hydraulics products as standard. As Arnel reveals, JOST has become the company’s brand of choice when it comes to hydraulic cylinders which are all stage-chromed as standard, PTOs, pumps, hydraulic control valves, hydraulic oil tanks and tow couplings. The Rockinger tow couplings by JOST are fitted as standard, giving added flexibility. The couplings are suitable for dog trailers with hinged drawbars and pig or tag type trailers that require a vertical download rating. The Rockinger coupling is rated to 285kN for hinged applications and has 2.5T download rating for fixed
drawbar applications.

“We’ve developed a very strong relationship with JOST,” Arnel says. “They support us and we are very happy with their product design and quality – their stock and supply is excellent and aftersales service is second to none. We’ve had very little issues, but when we have needed it, they have provided the support.

“Generally, when we are in the process of making a deal with a customer, and we tell them that we use JOST for all of the hydraulic components, they are happy with that because they know and trust the JOST name.”

Adding to the list of JOST products used by AA Diesel Truck Bodies, the business also recently starting using the new range of JOST hydraulic oil tanks, in both steel and aluminum. “We’ve found that the versatility of these tanks is really good. They can either be side-mounted on the chassis or top-mounted. The dimensions and mountings are varied which gives us, as an OEM, a lot of flexibility when trying to find space to fit tanks. It allows us to fit the tanks in tighter spots which is always a positive when you are having to include so much different equipment onto the body,” Arnel says.

He adds that he and his father Alija have been impressed by the quality and reliability provided by JOST’s range of products. “JOST’s products have ticked all the boxes. We wouldn’t continue to use them otherwise. All of the products generally come with clear instruction manuals which ensures correct and efficient fitment. If any additional information is required the JOST team is only a phone call away.

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