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Loyal through and through

  • From the March 2019 issue.
Loyal through and through

For close to two decades, Bradco Transport has relied on the Maxi-CUBE Classic Refrigerated Van to deliver the tropical fruits of Far North Queensland across Australia’s eastern seaboard.

Based in the picturesque town of Innisfail, Bradco Transport was established by Ken and Wendy Bradley in the mid 1980s. Beginning with just one truck and trailer, the business started out in general freight. Recognising the opportunities within the region to cart fresh produce, Ken decided to move into refrigerated transport and purchased his first refrigerated van – a Maxi-CUBE Classic.

The Maxi-CUBE Classic was seen as a perfect fit for the task at hand, so Ken soon added another and continued to grow his fleet from there. Today his trailer fleet consists of 17 refrigerated vans, and every single one is a Maxi-CUBE.

“I’m very confident in the reliability of the Maxi-CUBE van,” Ken says. “It has always been really good for me. I have a lot of trust in the product. I guess I’m a bit old fashioned. I don’t like to change things if they don’t need to be changed, so I’ve been very loyal to the product and the brand.”
“I bought my first Maxi-CUBE about 17 years ago. After purchasing a few vans, I found that MaxiTRANS looked after me really well. For the past 10 years or so I have been dealing with Scott Thiesfield from Trailer Sales in Brisbane and I always feel like he puts me as a customer first. The service is spot on, I couldn’t ask for any better.

“As we travel interstate, it also helps that MaxiTRANS has a wide dealer network, because if we have an issue, we can call on them for help no matter where we are. We have developed a really strong relationship,” Scott says. “Ken’s father worked in transport and then Ken went out on his own. He is a very loyal customer.

“In Ken’s line of work, reliability is paramount. He needs to be confident that he has that back up support when he needs it. We have a longstanding relationship and he knows he always has someone to turn to if he has an issue or needs any information.”

Bradco Transport carries fresh produce out of Innisfail and into Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, carting general freight on the return trips. Around 80 per cent of the produce it transports out of Innisfail is tropical fruit, including bananas, pawpaw and papaya, for which the region is renowned.

The company’s most recent purchase was a new Maxi-CUBE Classic Refrigerated B-Double combination, delivered early this year, which included an innovative solution to a problem that Ken had been facing.

While many fresh produce transporters once used plywood between pallets to prevent the products from rubbing or bruising, many operators are now turning to sheets of corflute instead. As Bradco Transport carries general freight on its return trips to Innisfail, Ken was finding his sheets of corflute were often getting left behind, creating an added expense. Working closely with MaxiTRANS, they came up with a simple, yet innovative solution; designing a double loader corflute storage system.

As Scott explains, “Plywood is heavy and can crumble, leaving a mess in the van, so as the years have gone on, people have turned to corflute instead.  Since it’s more expensive, people look after it more and don’t want to leave it behind, so we came up with this system to store the corflute under the trailer. It means it can be kept under lock and key when it’s not in use. Many other operators store the corflute inside the refrigerated van, but that takes up space.”

Ken adds that when his vans are loaded with general freight, he prefers not to have the corflute inside the van. “This allows us to store it under the trailer. When we load with small parcels, the corflute would typically be taken out, and often we wouldn’t get them back, so that was a costly exercise.”

As a long-time customer, Ken has seen the Maxi-CUBE product change and evolve as the years have gone on. The latest iteration of the Maxi-CUBE Classic, launched in early 2018, offers the added benefits of a significantly reduced tare weight and over 5 per cent improvement in thermal efficiency over previous models – further building on an already rock-solid reputation that has kept Bradco Transport coming back time and time again.

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