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Making a mark

  • From the March 2018 issue.
Making a mark

Having a consistent brand image can be crucial to winning new business. Dulux is helping transport companies leave a lasting impression with its holistic FleetShield painting solution.

British Author Wally Olins – also known as ‘The Father of Brand Identity’ – once described corporate branding as the act of ‘creating and sustaining trust [and] delivering on promises’. According to Wally, “the best and most successful brands are completely coherent. Every aspect of what they do and what they are reinforces [the message]”.

The concept is widely adopted in the commercial road transport industry, where the companies invest in creating corporate identities that extend beyond the simple use of a logo, becoming a whole-of-business strategy. To turn the strategy into a reality, transport companies large and small are increasingly turning to paint specialist, Dulux.
According to Dulux, transport and logistics companies across the country including Mainfreight and waste management specialist, Cleanaway, are among the fleets that appreciate its holistic approach and high quality products.

“Last year, for example, Cleanaway rebranded its substantial fleet and specifically requested the Dulux FleetShield paint range to ensure the high quality of the materials across the board,” says Graham Lockie, Dulux Commercial Vehicles Sales Manager.
According to Dulux, the FleetShield paint range has been designed and formulated especially for commercial vehicles, boasting a variety of tint bases and high quality solid, metallic and pearl tinters, as well as primers, hardeners and thinners for large vehicles. However, Graham adds that the FleetShield is more than just a range of paints.

“FleetShield provides a complete painting solution that includes its ‘Blueprint’ professional paint specification and fleet colour and design service,” he says. “Whether it’s adding corporate livery for new vehicles or refurbishing and refinishing existing vehicles, everything we do is driven by an unrelenting insistence on quality.”
According to Graham, the Blueprint provides detailed paint specifications for all vehicles, which makes it easy to maintain an identical fleet image regardless of the vehicle model or the location of the painter in the FleetShield network.

“Maintaining your fleet image is not always easy when you have a wide variety of vehicles around the country working under many different and often extreme conditions,” Graham says. “That’s why it is important to have a high quality and consistent paint finish on your fleet vehicles, designed to survive tough conditions and maintain your fleet image, wherever they are operating.”

The paints in the FleetShield range have been developed in Dulux’ world-class research and development facilities, Graham adds, explaining that the company’s reputation for quality products is outstanding.

“Our reputation for quality products has been built over decades,” he says. “Consumers, retailers, distributers and manufacturers alike know the Dulux name, which helps fleets build trust when aligning with our products.”

In line with Wally Olins’ branding theory, Dulux says it dedicates its resources to ensuring its customers’ image stands out from the crowd. “We know that image is very important to fleets, who often describe their heavy vehicles as moving billboards,” Graham says. “To us, that means providing the paint and the service to create a brand with real substance that lasts, and helps protect the investment they have in their vehicles.”

Fast Fact
The FleetShield paint range includes metallic and pearlescent finishes as part of its options to help fleets really make an impact, says Graham Lockie, Dulux Commercial Vehicles Sales Manager. “As a point of difference from our competitors, FleetShield offers a cost-effective metallic or pearl finish as an option, which can really enhance a fleet’s brand image above and beyond the standard solid colours.”

Fast Fact
Fleet colours are readily available from the new handheld FleetShield Snapshot colour spectro, which is a smartphone app that provides easy access to a large colour library of solid and effect colours.

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