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Moving forward with purpose

  • From the March 2018 issue.
Moving forward with purpose

Victorian container freight business, Sidelink Transport, has modernised its fleet with prototype skels, standard semi-trailers and a B-double combination from trailer builder, Panus Oceania.

Robert Verdino, General Manager of Sidelink Transport, started the container cartage business with his father, Enrico Verdino, and cousin, Rick Verdino, in 2007. From the very beginning they believed that by investing in quality trailing equipment such as side-loaders, standard semi-trailers and skels, they would pass those savings on to all parties throughout the supply chain.

“For over a decade, Sidelink Transport has assisted fareight forwarders and other businesses move a variety of 20ft and 40ft containers around the Melbourne metro region, including those stocked with heavy cargo like tiles and stone,” he says – adding that one of the challenges that Sidelink Transport has faced is investing in quality road transport equipment that is spec’d for long-term use and durability. “The Sidelink fleet has grown due to success in the industry, but also out of necessity. In the last year it has become apparent how important it is to use semi-trailers that run as light as possible to comply with Victorian road laws without compromising the integrity of the structure, which is essential when dealing with high-volume container freight.”

To modernise the Sidelink Transport fleet, Robert consulted with trailer builder, Panus Oceania via its Laverton North–based dealer, D’Angelo Engineering. “Over 18 months ago, the business invested in two prototype retractable skels, three standard semi-trailers and one B-double combination,” he says. “The builds all feature high-quality steel and materials, almost doubling the expected lifespan of the equipment, which is bound to be anywhere between 15-20 years of heavy-duty use.”

According to Robert, it is important to push for innovation in the container cartage industry because freight forwarders will generally opt for the best deal but may not always consider the long-term performance gains of using trailing equipment that is adequately spec’d for the task. “At the end of the day, so long as Sidelink continues to invest in quality and productive gear from manufacturers like Panus Oceania, trends in operational growth will continue.”

Fast Fact

Panus Oceania – the Australian arm of Thailand’s largest trailer builder, Panus Assembly – appointed Neil Zantuck as General Manager in January. “In my newly-appointed role, it is my aim to develop Panus Oceania’s presence throughout Australia,” he says. “Panus Oceania is a strong global brand that is renowned for its exceptional trailer build quality and reliability, which is backed by many leading heavy vehicle equipment suppliers. With access to a range of semi-trailers and skels for immediate delivery, logistics fleets and owner-operators across the country can invest in Panus Oceania equipment that is specified for niche requirements.”

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