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  • From the August 2017 issue.

On the search for a running gear solution that would combine low tare weight with a competitive warranty offering and maintenance regime, Alex Fraser followed Bulk Transport Equipment’s advice and found SAF-Holland.

Established in 1879, Alex Fraser is one of Australia's leading providers of recycled construction material and asphalt, recycling and transporting millions of tonnes of construction and demolition waste every year. (see breakout box).

Enabling the company’s impressive 138-year growth is a fleet of quality transport equipment that is continually updated to carry more freight with every run – not only to make the organisation work as efficiently as possible, but also to reduce the impact it has on the environment.

“By processing material that would otherwise be landfilled, such as concrete, asphalt, brick and glass, we are making a notable difference to the environment,” explains Mario Tenaglia, Alex Fraser’s Transport Manager. “That’s also true for the equipment we use to transport recycled construction material. By relying on modern, custom-designed solutions, we’re proactively reducing our carbon footprint and keeping truck traffic as low as possible.”

According to Mario, the businesses supplying Alex Fraser subscribe to the same ideals and share the company’s commitment to quality and innovation. “To keep up-to-date with a changing economic and political environment, we need make sure our processes and equipment keep evolving, too. With that comes the need to try new things in order to improve safety, productivity and customer service,” he says – revealing that feedback from trusted suppliers like Bulk Transport Equipment (BTE) is highly regarded in the organisation.

“After having worked with BTE for a long time, we value its professional opinion,” he adds, pointing out that high safety standards were a critical selection criteria for Alex Fraser.

“On a recent project that involved a total of 10 truck and three-axle dog combinations, BTE recommended SAF-Holland’s Intradisc product to help reduce the units’ tare weight and carry more freight, and the concept appealed to us – even though we’d never worked with the company before.”

According to Alan Griffiths, Managing Director of BTE, the right equipment choice can make or break a project, which is why he didn’t hesitate to recommend SAF-Holland on the Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved build. “It’s not been your average project, so we needed to make sure only to use the latest componentry,” he explains. “From special rear cross member with in-built jack knife sensors and the tip angle sensor we installed through to the SAF-Holland disc brake axles featuring EBS braking and an air-operated semi automatic body prop. We wanted to the spec to reflect the best there is on the market.”

While the combination of low tare weight and a unique six-year/ one million kilometre warranty offering was appealing, Mario says it’s the service he received that’s been most impressive about the SAF-Holland brand. “It was important to us that the product was lightweight, durable and low maintenance, and came with a good warranty period. However, we also strongly value good service support, problem solving and quick response times – and in this respect SAF-Holland has left a good impression.

“SAF Holland not only completed the first service for us, but also trained our workshop team in how to manage future service needs – which has helped cement a good business relationship.

“It’s still early days, of course, so we’ll continue monitoring and testing the product’s performance. But so far we’ve been impressed by SAF Holland’s responsiveness, as well as the initial service, support and training offering.”

With a fleet responsible for carting thousands of tonnes of material to customers across Melbourne and Brisbane every day, Mario says the combination of BTE and SAF-Holland makes for a solid business case. “With quality customer service a cornerstone of our business, we insist on maintaining a fleet of high-quality, reliable vehicles. SAF-Holland’s reputation for reliability and low maintenance,  in combination with an OEM as trusted as BTE, is a low risk offering with an impressive return over the long run.”

As a leading force in construction material recycling, Mario says Alex Fraser has an obligation to not only do ‘business as usual’, but inspire suppliers like BTE and SAF-Holland to lift the bar with every project. “By working together, we benefit the community and the environment by reducing landfill and carbon emissions, as well as truck traffic and quarrying for precious natural resources. It’s a multi-win scenario made possible by an alliance of industry-leading businesses.”

Fast Fact
In 2015, Alex Fraser achieved a major milestone of 40 million tonnes of construction and demolition material recycled. If you were to fill the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) with it, the stockpile would form a tower nearly twice the height of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The steel recovered from such an amount of waste is enough to build eight Sydney Harbour Bridges or over 22 Storey Bridges in Brisbane.

Fast Fact
All 10 PBS combinations are based on the new Kenworth T610 model, which came out at the end of 2016.

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