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Mutual gain

  • From the October 2018 issue.
Mutual gain

Following exponential infrastructure developments Australia-wide, the Burdett Group relies on Performance-Based Standards–approved dog and truck combinations from Bulk Transport Equipment to boost productivity.

Demand for extractive resources is at an all-time high due to population growth and an increasing uptake of infrastructure projects – particularly throughout Victoria* – with forecasts indicating that demand is set to increase to over 100 million tonnes per year by 2050, more than doubling 2015 annual production.

Currently moving in excess of 3.5 million tonnes of product annually, Melbourne-based bulk haulage specialist, Burdett’s, shows no sign of slowing down as it continues to invest in quality, and quarry spec’d, road transport equipment.

Andrew Burdett, Director of the Burdett Group, says the business operates throughout Victoria, southern New South Wales and South Australia, delivering landscaping supplies and building products.

“Burdett’s typically carts sand to Yass, which is packaged into the Sydney market for Bunnings, and re-loads firewood for the return trip,” he says – adding that the business’s freight tasks are varied including taking fertiliser as far as Bega.

“We’ve had a huge growth spurt, and we’re due to grow again because Melbourne’s civil works are off the charts,” Andrew says – explaining that an important aspect of his business is fleet utility. “Our main reserve has moved about 50 kilometres further south, so a truck that used to be able to do three loads into the city comfortably from our Langwarrin quarry is now running longer distances. From Lang Lang we can only do two loads a day, so we needed to increase our fleet by a third just to keep up with what we were doing before.”

The Performance-Based Standards (PBS) high productivity scheme has been essential in ensuring sustainable productivity gains across the business, according to Andrew. “With PBS-approved truck and dog trailers, Burdett’s benefits from payload gains of about 20 per cent,” he says. “On top of the cost benefits to the bigger combinations, having less movements on the road also helps resolve driver shortage issues, and produces a very similar fuel economy per vehicle, which helps us reduce our carbon footprint as well.”

Burdett’s specifies a range of PBS-approved trailers including three-, four-, five- and six-axle truck and dog combinations. Over a period of seven years, the Burdett fleet has grown from 30 trucks to about 75, of which Bulk Transport Equipment (BTE) has manufactured close to 90 per cent (68) of the trailers in those combinations.

BTE Director, Alan Griffiths, confirms his seven-year partnership with Burdett’s has been mutually beneficial. “BTE have been working with Burdett’s since we originally built a couple of steel truck and dog trailers.
“Once we established our aluminium body design, and implemented design changes based on direct feedback, Burdett’s specified high volume and efficient PBS trailer builds.

“At present, we have two rigid and six-axle dog trailers going through production and have just delivered a high volume rigid and six-axle trailer as well as a new rigid and quad dog trailer with waterproof tarp system.”
According to Andrew, four trucks run 24-hours, five-and-a-half days a week to bolster Burdett’s efforts with getting the product from the quarries to its base in Langwarrin. “Utilisation is what keeps your money in your pocket and not out the door, that’s why we have so many truck and dog trailer combinations,” he says – explaining that his fleet operators can adapt truck and trailer combinations to best suit the needs of the business and its customers. “For some garden suppliers, for example, we would allocate six-axle combinations whereas others usually only require a tandem.”

Andrew says he was confident from day one to work with the BTE team. “Two of the three directors, Gian and Alan, I’ve known from previous jobs, and they’ve been in the industry for a long time, always providing exceptional technical expertise in trailer service and repairs.”

“We value the relationship with Burdett’s as we have built up a lot of trust over the years,” Alan says. “And this type of relationship provides us with honest, direct feedback relating to our product and service.”
Source: Helping Victoria Grow: Extractive Resources Strategy, Department of Economic Development. Jobs, Transport and Resources.

Fast Fact
According to the Victorian Government, 535 quarries produce 50 million tonnes of stone, limestone, gypsum, sand and gravel each year. To meet growing demand, the Government will invest $15.7 million over a period of two years to address the state’s growing extractive resources needs while also supporting the Federal Government’s record $45 billion infrastructure investment.

Fast Fact
In June, tipper and special equipment manufacturer, Bulk Transport Equipment (BTE), unveiled a new range of ready built bodies, offering operators superior quality, great lead times and competitive pricing. BTE Director, Alan Griffiths, said the 450MPA high wear plate bodies offer as standard fitment: pressed top rail, three-way tailgate with full over centre safety locking, heavy duty rear frame, reinforced uprights, 5mm pressed floor and 4mm radius side walls, 5mm front wall and tailgate, 1,100mm and 1,300mm high.

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