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On the move

When New South Wales-based bulk gardening materials supplier, Haywood’s Bulk Transport, picks up new work, it needs to be ready to go immediately, often turning to Barker Trailers for the equipment to get the job done.

Now in its 12th year of business, Kempsey-based family operation, Haywood’s Bulk Transport, has found its success through its ability to quickly seize opportunities. A boilermaker by trade, David Haywood saw potential in the bulk transport industry and made the bold choice to switch careers, instead jumping in the cab of a prime mover.

During his time as a driver, the business he worked for was offered a new transport contract that would have required it to invest in a larger fleet. David says that though the company he worked for wasn’t interested in an expansion, he and his wife Darlene certainly were. “That’s how we started the business in 2005, and now we have a fleet of 10 trucks and seven trailers transporting bulk landscape supplies around New South Wales and southeast Queensland,” David says.

The company is still on a steady growth trajectory too, David says, adding that much of the new work comes to Haywood’s through word of mouth. “We do a little bit of marketing, but in our business growth comes by doing the job right and keeping the customers happy,” he explains. “We’re set up for the moment, but it seems like we need a new trailer every 12 months or so.”

The majority of the trailers in the growing Haywood’s fleet features a moving floor system, which uses a series of automatic sliding horizontal slats to unload trailers without tipping. According to David, trailer manufacturer, Barker Trailers, was responsible for building many of his trailers. “In the bulk materials transport industry, things take off quick and you have to be able to start a contract at the drop of a hat,” David says. “Barker Trailers is incredibly responsive to new trailer orders, and can design, build and deliver us a new moving floor semi-trailer promptly.”

On top of that fast turnaround time, David says that his local Barker dealer, Brown & Hurley, also has the ability to lend a moving floor trailer to Haywood’s, so the transport company can fulfil its contracts until the new equipment is manufactured. Being responsive to Haywood’s demands doesn’t mean Barker Trailers just pieces together a standard trailer as quickly as possible, though. In fact, David says the team at Barker Trailers is very open to suggestions because it wants to “build what we want”. This is where David’s background as a boilermaker comes into play, he says.

“I do a lot of the structural servicing for my trailer at our depot in Kempsey, so I want to prevent having to fix them as much as possible, with major repairs going to Brown and Hurley’s trailer workshop in Coffs Harbour,” David says. “I make suggestions to Barker and it builds the moving floor trailers to suit. Each custom suggestion I make is to improve longevity, such as avoiding rust by using aluminium components.”

Specifying aluminium components also helps keep the tare weight of his trailers at a minimum, he adds. “A moving floor trailer is essentially a semi-trailer with a tarp roof that holds 90m3 of bulk cargo,” he explains. “I prefer to use aluminium sides and floors that will maintain the right strength while providing extra net tonnage.”

The moving floors of choice for Haywood’s is the Cargo Floor, supplied by BPW Transpec, which David says meets his standards for longevity and lightweight equipment. “Moving floors also have the advantage of being able to unload on every surface, unlike a tipper, which needs to be on a very flat surface to avoid the risk of a rollover,” David says. “They’re much safer to operate and more user-friendly.”
Safety has been further enhanced with the new wireless remote control feature on the latest moving floor trailer delivery from Barker Trailers, which means the drivers can to operate the Cargo Floor system from a safe distance.

“We are all about doing this quickly and being responsive, but we will never sacrifice safety to do so,” David says. “It’s also why we invest in satellite tracking and fulfil Chain of Responsibility legislation, so our customers know we’re doing the right thing at all times.”

Fast Fact
National trailer manufacturer, Barker Trailers, has signed on to exhibit at inaugural multi-modal supply chain event, MEGATRANS2018, displaying a Barker moving floor.

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