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Partnering on productivity

  • From the April 2018 issue.
Partnering on productivity

As it looks to continue its dynamic growth as a container handling business, Lawson Sideloader Services has aligned itself with Freighter, to design an A-double Performance-Based Standards-approved solution that can carry two 40-foot containers, with flexibility that can further boost productivity for its business.

Lawson Sideloader Services has enjoyed an unsurpassed period of growth over recent years, having tripled in size since 2015. To help support this, the Melbourne-based company recently ordered five Freighter 30m A-double Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved skel trailers as it looks to expand its container handling operations that are currently triangulated between depots in Tottenham, Dandenong South and head office in Tullamarine.

Working closely with MaxiTRANS, Lawson Sideloader Services opted for a setup that would give them the flexibility required. The combinations use a tri-axle on the A-trailer, with the B-trailer configured as a five-axle dog trailer.

“This configuration allows us to access the High Performance Freight Vehicle (HPFV) or Level 2B cubic networks in Victoria, depending on the weight we are running,” says David Eroglu, Managing Director at Lawson Sideloader Services. “Our configuration has a fixed B-trailer with no dolly, similar to the arrangement of a tipper with the front axle drawbar. We’re able to lock it in and reverse without any problems.”

MaxiTRANS believes in partnering to create tailored PBS solutions that suit unique customer requirements in order to maximise productivity, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

“We provide professional advice after we first listen and understand a business’ requirements, which allows our customers to make an informed decision about what is right for them, and it’s one of the reasons why more customers are requesting MaxiTRANS’ assistance when it comes to creating solutions via the PBS scheme,” Brett says – adding that MaxiTRANS’ vast experience in PBS across multiple segments provides a unique ability to design products to suit specific requirements.

Although the A-double provides extra carrying capacity, it was the ease and flexibility it promises freight forwarding that helped to determine its recent purchase, according to David. “We’ve gone for the A-double as it can access a similar network to a B-double,” he says. “It carries two 40-foot containers and even while the Super-B does the same, access can be limited which will restrict transit for us in urban areas prone to permits. With the A-double we just get one permit which covers any Victorian road within the PBS 2B cubic network, which works really well for us.”

Lawson Sideloader Services moves up to 40,000 containers a year, which David estimates to be between 700-800 boxes a week. To fulfil the growing demands of supply, he currently runs a fleet of B-doubles, as well as Super-B combinations that work in and around Melbourne. The addition of the A-double’s will give his fleet an extra productivity boost.

The A-double, as David sees it, represents a path forward. The majority of its transfers consist of imports for shipping agents and are fulfilled by using Freighter Super-B and B-double combinations, with direct distribution out of the yards. “This is the model we came up with a few years ago,” David recalls. “We’re expanding on our system and that’s doing really well.”
As his operation relies on a truck taking off every hour from the terminals to the Dandenong depot, David aims to reduce the rate of departure to every half-hour. For this they need equipment that is reliable. With Freighter he says there was never any doubt he had ordered quality components.

“We don’t need any headaches or additional stresses given the demands of our industry,” he says. “MaxiTRANS make a good trailer. They’ve proven themselves.”
As Lawson Sideloader Services continues to expand, David expects he will increase the number of Freighter units added to his fleet. “It’s something that works well for us,” he says. “The trailers have delivered every day we’ve had them in operation. It’s easy to see they have been a major part of improving our efficiencies.”

Fast Fact
According to National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) Chief Engineer, Laszlo ‘Les’ Bruzsa, almost 3,500 Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved combinations were built between 2015 to October 2017, of which MaxiTRANS was responsible for building 20 per cent.

Fast Fact
Container handling business, Lawsons Sideloader Services, relies on manufacturers like MaxiTRANS to provide tailored solutions and effective after-sales support. The MaxiTRANS Dealer Network, in association with MaxiPARTS, offers support and service from over 30 locations throughout Australia, ensuring optimal uptime and maintenance.

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