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Performance driven

  • From the December 2018 issue.
Performance driven

Performance-Based Standards has given transport operators the opportunity to implement safer, more productive vehicles across various fields – including tanker applications. Marshall Lethlean has delivered a wide range of bespoke PBS solutions, customised to suit its clients’ varying needs.

Combining over 45 years of tanker expertise, Marshall Lethlean has been committed to producing high quality road tankers since the very beginning.

Building on the company’s commitment to creating high productivity tanker designs, Marshall Lethlean was quick to welcome the possibilities that could be achieved through the Performance-Based Standards (PBS) high productivity scheme.

Combining technical know-how with precision engineering, the tanker manufacturer has developed numerous innovative PBS- approved designs that have resulted in substantial gains in efficiency for its customers.

Transport and logistics group, K&S Corporation, is benefitting from Marshall Lethlean’s customised design capabilities through a series of PBS-approved tankers that have been welcomed into the fleet in recent times.
K&S specialises in the management of complex supply chains. With 22 depots across Australia, the business operates one of the largest company owned and operated fleets in the country.

Among its PBS-approved acquisitions from Marshall Lethlean are two stainless steel AB quad road trains comprising eight tri-axle stainless steel tankers and four tri-axle dollies. Delivered in mid 2017, they are being used in the K&S Chemtrans division of the business, custom designed for the environment they are operating in, which includes metro and highway road use to extreme off-road conditions.

Each road train combination achieves a mammoth payload of 64,000 litres – 9,200 litres in the lead, 16,800 litres in the follower and 19,000 litres in each of the two tag trailers.

The road trains feature a ringless 6mm thick stainless barrel design, designed specifically for K&S Chemtrans, to save on tare weight.

With the relationship between K&S continuing to go from strength to strength, the business also recently commissioned Marshall Lethlean to produce several 23-metre B-double tankers featuring self-steering axles on the rear of both trailers, which were delivered in recent months.

Manufacturing a wide range of liquid and dry bulk tankers, with options in steel and aluminium, Marshall Lethlean continues to provide its customers with road tanker solutions that are capable of achieving the maximum payload and lowest lifecycle costs.

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