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Primed for productivity and protection

  • From the July 2019 issue.
Primed for productivity and protection

By introducing outstanding benefits for both vehicle manufacturers and end users, PPG’s F4949 CT Productive Chassis Primer Binder has become an instant market favourite.

PPG’s F4949 CT Productive Chassis Primer Binder is a new and unique solution for priming blasted metal surfaces (trailers, truck chassis, machinery, etc.) – one that lets users build more units per day, with reduced labour, materials and energy.

On top of this, it delivers valuable long-term benefits to vehicle operators, in terms of paint film durability. As part of the world’s largest manufacturer of transportation coatings, engineers at PPG’s local headquarters in Clayton, Melbourne where able to source the latest technology building blocks from PPG’s global R&D group. This provided the catalyst for a no-compromise priming method that is unrivalled on the local market. 

Resetting the benchmark
In the past, priming blasted metal surfaces meant selecting either a 1K primer or an epoxy primer. Both have downsides – 1K primers lack the performance of 2K technology and epoxy primers tend to have a lengthy curing time that can slow down production. However, the PPG developed, next generation polymer chemistry found in F4949 CT Productive Chassis Primer Binder, has reset traditional thinking.

Instead of having to choose between a 1K primer or an epoxy primer, it’s possible to get the best of both worlds. As a tintable primer, F4949 CT Productive Chassis Primer Binder is designed to be used with the DELFLEET Evolution tinter range to create 4949 Delfleet CT Productive Chassis Primer Mixed Colour. This makes the primer colour complimentary to the topcoat colour. Best of all, it has all the sought-after attributes of an epoxy primer (it lays down nicely and has excellent adhesion and anti-corrosion properties), combined with the film-build and speed of a two-pack polyurethane coating.

Productivity is in the name
The 4949 Delfleet CT Productive Chassis Primer Mixed Colour resets the benchmark for productivity without sacrificing quality, according to PPG. The key is dramatically reduced labour time to process each unit. For a start, the self-levelling properties leave a surface finish which doesn’t require any sanding before the topcoat is applied.

It also features a high productivity Wet-On-Wet (WOW) mode which means there is no need for a primer curing cycle – the topcoat colour can simply be applied over the top. Being tinted to a sympathetic colour to match the topcoat colour brings even more advantages. Not only does it allow the topcoat coverage to be achieved quicker which saves on application time, it can also be done using less topcoat material which helps trim overall job cost.

In the long term, having the sympathetic primer colour underneath the topcoat even benefits the vehicle operator. Rather than stone chips, scratches, etc standing out as grey or beige (typical primer colours), the underlying colour means these blemishes are not immediately obvious and UV protection of the finish is retained.

Production speed using 4949 Delfleet CT Productive Chassis Primer Mixed Colour can also be ramped up even further simply by taking advantage of the special HP (High Performance) Thinner which cuts bake time in half, to just 20 minutes. Four versions are available to cater to different temperature ranges – F3343 Low Temp HP Thinner, F3345 HP Thinner, F3348 High Temp HP Thinner and F3349 Extra High Temp Thinner for those extreme 35°C and above days.

For added versatility, PPG has also launched F4957 CT Productive Silver. It shares the same advanced resin technology and productive properties but comes in a silver colour so it can be applied directly to blasted metal surfaces, without the need for a separate primer, where it leaves an attractive silver final finish.

Instant market favourite
With its ability to slot straight into the production process and deliver substantial performance benefits, it’s perhaps no surprise to learn, according to PPG, that F4949 CT Productive Chassis Primer Binder has become a best seller. It now forms part of PPG’s Delfleet Evolution paint system which was developed specifically for Commercial Transport applications.

Virtually every leading truck manufacturer in the world, including Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner, Western Star, Volvo, Mack, Kenworth, MAN, Isuzu, Hino and Mitsubishi, has used the Delfleet Evolution paint system to coat literally tens of thousands of vehicles. This is repeated on the local market where PPG supplies truck manufacturers Kenworth, Iveco, Volvo and Mack, as well as major coach and bus makers and many leading trailer builders, including Vawdrey, MaxiTRANS, Tieman, Haulmark, Sloanebuilt, ATE Tankers and VSE Genuine Truck Bodies. The Delfleet Evolution system used ‘on-line’ by OEMs is exactly the same product available to refinish users which gives them significant advantages in terms of quickly and accurately matching the original ‘factory’ colour, finish and quality.

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