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Promoting positivity

  • From the August 2017 issue.
Promoting positivity

After successfully delivering an order of pocket road train tankers for K&S Corporation, Marshall Lethlean was contracted to design a new series of stainless steel chemical road trailers.

The 50th anniversary edition of the Brisbane Truck Show, held in late May this year, hosted key suppliers to the Australian commercial road transport sector. According to event organisers, some 33,800 visitors came through the door of the Brisbane Convention Centre– topping 2015 attendance figures and indicating a newfound optimism about the future of Australian trucking.

Modern road tanker manufacturers were particularly upbeat, many of them using the event to unveil new models to the public and reinforcing a bullish market outlook. Right in the thick of the business in the Main Hall, tanker specialist Marshall Lethlean, part of the CIMC Group, caught the attention of countless visitors with three of its units on display.

With its indicators and safety lights flashing, a custom built five-compartment bogie-axle semi for Koo Wee Rup-based John Duff & Co, displayed Marshall Lethlean's expertise in fuel distribution equipment. The unique build features an auto raiseable rear axle and a PreciPURE pump and metering system from Haar Australia – a first for both Marshall Lethlean and John Duff & Co.

Perpendicular to the fuel tanker, Marshall Lethlean also displayed a unit from pneumatic bulk materials range, which the manufacturer says are custom designed to suit the environment they will operate in, from metro and highway road use to extreme off-road configurations.

Outlining the main visitor corridor and rounding out the tanker manufacturer's product portfolio was part of a stainless steel Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved Dangerous Goods chemical road train. The gleaming silver tri-axle lead tanker trailer is proudly emblazoned with the K&S Chemtrans logo and motto 'Safety, Performance, Peace of Mind', which Marshall Lethlean says are also defining benefits of the new tanker's design.

The display lead tanker is just one unit from the total two AB Quad Road Trains comprising eight tri-axle stainless steel tanks and four tri-axle dollies that were delivered to K&S in May this year. Each road train combination boasts a total payload of 64,000 litres, with 9,200 litres in the lead, 16,800 litres in the follower and 19,000 litres in each of the two tag trailers.

The brand new design was developed specifically for K&S Chemtrans, featuring a ringless 6mm thick stainless barrel design that helps save on tare weight, says National Sales Manager, Richard Antczak. "The stainless steel AB quad road train for Chemtrans is a shining example of Marshall Lethlean's considered approach to custom designing and delivering high quality, performance based tankers," Richard says. "Our outstanding automated welding processes distinguish Marshall Lethlean from all other tanker builders, and give customers like K&S Chemtrans the peace of mind that our manufacturing capabilities are second to none."

The chemical road train on display at the Brisbane Truck Show aren’t the first tankers Marshall Lethlean has manufactured for K&S Corporation, though. The transport company has been benefitting from Marshall Lethlean quality tankers since its first delivery from the manufacturer in January 2017, comprising a set of three pocket road train combinations.

The tri-axle lead trailer boasts a 41,900 litre capacity and the follower can carry 45,000 litres, made possible thanks to the Marshall Lethlean design keeping the tare weight as low as possible. "The 86,900 litre capacity of the pocket road train combinations is a great outcome, and is certainly part of reason K&S worked with Marshall Lethlean again for the stainless steel chemical tankers," Richard adds.

According to Richard, the successful delivery of the pocket road trains has kickstarted a relationship between the two companies that is going from strength to strength. Alongside the new developments from numerous truck and trailer manufacturers at the Brisbane Truck Show, successful partnerships like that of Marshall Lethlean and K&S Corporation are injecting positivity to the road transport market.

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