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Promoting the valley with pride

  • From the October 2018 issue.
Promoting the valley with pride

For Nicholson and Page Transport, presentation is everything, and it takes great pride in its immaculate fleet of highly spec’d Krueger trailers. Now, with the latest B-double to join the fleet, the business is taking part in a new initiative to help promote tourism to the region it calls home.

Based in the town of MacLean, in New South Wales’ lush Clarence Valley – where rivers and beaches are abundant and quaint little villages are plentiful – Nicholson and Page Transport has been in operation for 28 years. Graeme Nicholson and his wife Meredith Page started the business, before they were married.

“Nothing much has changed since then,” says Graeme. “We do pretty much what we have been doing from the very start – transporting freight from A to B for our clients. We have worked for a lot of these people for many years.”

Graeme has lived and breathed transport since his early teenage years. He learnt how to drive a truck when he was just 14 and got a job as a truck driver as soon as he finished school. “I learnt to drive trucks the old-school way, back when trucks had barely any horsepower and no modern technology. I learnt to drive in a truck that belonged to my dad’s mate. It all started from there and I’ve never looked back. I knew I wanted to own my own trucks,” he recalls. “ I’ve been driving for 37 years and still drive trucks – not as much as I used to, but I love the job and enjoy every bit of being out on the road.”

Nicholson and Page Transport’s core operation is linehaul work, transporting food products. The fleet of eight B-doubles travels predominantly into Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, but sometimes also treks as far as Adelaide and Cairns. “We do a lot of work for one of the major grocery chains. All of our work is to do with food so image plays an important part – how the fleet looks, how we present ourselves and how we deal with our clients. Our trucks and trailers are representing our business,” says Graeme.

Most of the company’s drivers have been with the business long-term. Graeme says that his trucks and trailers are spec’d to the max, and the drivers really appreciate it and take great pride in the gear. “I’m blessed with good drivers. They are a great bunch of people and we all get along really well. Each driver has one truck and one trailer, and there is always a bit of competition over whose looks the best.”

Nicholson and Page Transport has been a loyal Krueger customer for many years. “We bought our first Krueger trailer in 1992 and have just taken delivery of our 32nd Krueger set. Once we started using Krueger, we pretty much used them ever since. The trailers are finished off really well and tend to hold their value really well too. We buy them at the highest spec, so when it comes time to sell and upgrade after about eight years, we get a good return.

With trailers, new ideas and innovations are constantly being released so it’s important for us to keep up with that – especially in relation to tare weight because that’s what carries your freight. We always go with the top technology Krueger has to offer and do what we can to get the tare weight down,” Graeme explains.

The newest Krueger B-double was delivered at the beginning of June and put straight to work. The aluminium floors were redesigned to make them lighter and help save on tare weight. “This B-double is a little lighter than the one it replaced. When you reduce a few hundred kilos here and a few hundred there, all of a sudden you gain an extra half a tonne or more. We were getting just over 37 tonne payload on the previous set and now we are achieving close to 38 tonne,” says Graeme.

The new B-double combination features a media door, which offers a smooth and flat surface. This gave Graeme the idea to use the space to promote his beloved region. The local council was looking at new ways to promote tourism to the Clarence Valley, as tourism makes an important contribution to the local economy.

Graeme is a member of the local chamber of commerce, so he approached them with the idea. “Media doors lend themselves well to advertising. The local council supported the initiative and we had some aerial photos taken, so that they could be used on the back of the trailer. A website was also set up at, so that we can monitor how many hits it receives,” says Graeme.

“When the combination is travelling interstate and sitting in traffic on some of the busy freeways, it’s a great way to promote the region. This is the first trailer set to feature the advertising so it will be interesting to see the response and see how this initiative develops.”

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