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Put your best fleet forward

  • From the July 2018 issue.
Put your best fleet forward

Looks may not be everything but by going the extra mile for customers, global coating specialist, PPG, says it is able to provide paint solutions that help send a powerful branding message.

Brand image is recognised as a highly valuable business asset. Whenever it’s in the public eye, branding must send the appropriate message to potential customers and nowhere is it more on display than in the commercial vehicle sector where trucks and trailers serve as mobile billboards for the companies they represent. However, keeping a truck and trailer combination looking good year in, year out, is not something to be taken for granted.

Long highway distances, road hazards such as stone chipping and a wide variety of weather conditions, along with heavy duty cleaning methods, can all take their toll on appearance. The ability to shine through under the toughest conditions takes a paint system with a precise set of attributes and this is PPG’s area of expertise. In fact, the global coatings specialist is a major producer of transportation coatings, supplying the latest formulations and technologies to new vehicle manufacturers (car, motorcycle and heavy vehicle), as well as the refinish sector (accident repair and re-spray).

Because Commercial Transport (CT) vehicles are very different to the average car, PPG created a global CT paint system, called Delfleet Evolution, which is specifically formulated to meet the industry’s unique requirements. While it comprises the latest global technology, PPG’s Delfleet Evolution products are manufactured locally, at the company’s world-class plant in Clayton, Melbourne. Featuring easy application, excellent gloss and durability under extreme conditions, it has become a favourite of the sector. As a result, virtually every leading truck manufacturer in the world, including Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner, Western Star, Volvo, Mack, Kenworth, MAN, Isuzu, Hino and Mitsubishi, has used the Delfleet Evolution paint system to coat tens of thousands of vehicles.

It’s a local favourite, too. Kenworth and Iveco in Melbourne and Volvo / Mack in Brisbane, are supplied solely by PPG. At the same time, many of the region’s leading trailer builders, including Vawdrey, MaxiTRANS, Tieman, Haulmark, Sloanebuilt, ATE Tankers and VSE Genuine Truck Bodies, also rely on Delfleet Evolution to give their products the image and durable finish their customers demand. And it all comes backed by a package of high-level support which sees PPG staff working closely with each manufacturer to provide technical assistance, as well as training courses for application staff.

What’s more, PPG’s brand image solutions do not end once the truck or trailer leaves the manufacturer’s production line. Thanks to an innovative initiative, called the PPG Fleetpool network, local commercial transport operators have access to all the support they need, whether they run a single vehicle or a large national fleet. It is made up of carefully selected and accredited independent CT repair and refinish businesses, conveniently situated across Australia and New Zealand. These professionals specialise in the repair, re-livery (branding change) and refurbishment of heavy vehicles, ranging from trucks and trailers, to buses and other heavy equipment (see

Importantly, all PPG FleetPool members commit to using best practice procedures and the latest technology products and equipment (including PPG coatings and the support of PPG technical expertise) and are quality certified to ISO 9000 and ISO 16949 standards. The PPG FleetPool network focus is on providing customers with a consistently high standard of service, quality workmanship, on time delivery, integrity, value for money and reduced vehicle downtime, no matter where in the region they are.

It’s also well worth noting that the Delfleet Evolution paint system which is used so successfully ‘on-line’ by vehicle manufacturers is exactly the same product which is available to those painting vehicles in the CT refurbishment and repair sector. This brings significant advantages in terms of being able to quickly and accurately match the original ‘factory’ colour, finish and quality. Because consistency is such an important factor in brand image, particularly for large national fleets, PPG also created ‘Fleetpsec’.

This custom specification document is prepared and tailored to each individual fleet. It sees PPG technical specialists work closely with the operator to identify the exact design, colours, paint products and processes required to achieve a consist branding image across each vehicle type in the fleet. This unique FleetSpec manual is distributed to all PPG FleetPool members so that anyone needing to paint any of that fleet’s vehicles if fully aware of the precise systems and colours to use so that they match every time.

When it comes to the CT sector, PPG has made a strong commitment for the long haul, supporting original equipment manufacturers, CT refinishers and vehicle owners with everything from coating a truck cabin to treating a trailer chassis with products that deliver optimal protection as well as a powerful message.

As one of the world's largest paints, coatings and specialty materials suppliers, PPG’s vast and diverse range includes protective and decorative paints, aircraft cockpit and cabin windows, sealants, adhesives, metal pre-treatment products and specialty products. For more than 135 years PPG has been dedicated to innovation and, today, customers trust us for an extraordinary range of applications, from cars, trucks and motorcycles to aircraft, ships, homes, commercial structures and everyday items, such as whitegoods and beverage containers. With a global team of approximately 46,000 employees, operating in over 70 countries, PPG also chooses to manufacture locally – there are more than 150 manufacturing sites worldwide, including Australia and New Zealand.

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